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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-28Revert "perf tools: Fix jump label always changing during tracing"Jiri Olsa
2014-07-28perf tools: Fix perf usage string leftoverJiri Olsa
2014-07-25perf record: Store PERF_RECORD_FINISHED_ROUND only for nonempty roundsJiri Olsa
2014-07-25perf record: Always force PERF_RECORD_FINISHED_ROUND eventJiri Olsa
2014-07-25perf inject: Add --kallsyms parameterAdrian Hunter
2014-07-25perf tools: Expose 'addr' functions so they can be reusedAdrian Hunter
2014-07-24perf session: Fix accounting of ordered samples queueJiri Olsa
2014-07-24perf powerpc: Include util/util.h and remove stringify macrosSukadev Bhattiprolu
2014-07-23perf tools: Fix build on gcc 4.4.7Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
2014-07-23perf tools: Add thread parameter to vdso__dso_findnew()Adrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Add dso__type()Adrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Separate the VDSO map name from the VDSO dso nameAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Add vdso__new()Adrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf machine: Fix the lifetime of the VDSO temporary fileAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Group VDSO global variables into a structureAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf session: Add ability to skip 4GiB or moreAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf session: Add ability to 'skip' a non-piped event streamAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Pass machine to vdso__dso_findnew()Adrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Add dso__data_size()Adrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Move rdtsc() functionAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf machine: Add ability to record the current tid for each cpuAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Add cpu to struct threadAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Add dsos__hit_all()Adrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Add dso__data_status_seen()Adrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Record whether a dso has dataAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf script: Do not print dangling '=>' for BTSAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf script: Improve srcline display for BTSAdrian Hunter
2014-07-23perf tools: Fix jump label always changing during tracingAdrian Hunter
2014-07-22perf tools: Fix incorrect fd error comparisonAdrian Hunter
2014-07-18perf tests: Update attr test with PERF_FLAG_FD_CLOEXEC flagJiri Olsa
2014-07-18perf tools: Enable close-on-exec flag on perf file descriptorYann Droneaud
2014-07-17perf tools: Allow TSC conversion on any archAdrian Hunter
2014-07-17perf tools: Remove needless getopt.h includesJiri Olsa
2014-07-17perf tools: Add --debug optionto set debug variableJiri Olsa
2014-07-17perf tools: Factor eprintf to allow different debug variablesJiri Olsa
2014-07-17perf tools: Move pr_* debug macros into debug objectJiri Olsa
2014-07-17perf tools: Remove verbose from functions prototypesJiri Olsa
2014-07-17perf machine: Fix leak of 'struct thread' on error pathAdrian Hunter
2014-07-17perf thread: Allow deletion of a thread with no map groupsAdrian Hunter
2014-07-17perf machine: Fix map groups of threads with unknown pidsAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf evsel: Add 'immediate' optionAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf evsel: Add 'no_aux_samples' optionAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf tools: Add option macro OPT_CALLBACK_OPTARGAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf tools: Add feature test for __sync_val_compare_and_swapAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf evlist: Pass mmap parameters in a structAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf session: Flag if the event stream is entirely in memoryAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf symbols: Add ability to iterate over a dso's symbolsAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf symbols: Do not attempt to read data from kallsymsAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf symbols: Record whether a dso is 64-bitAdrian Hunter
2014-07-16perf buildid-cache: Apply force option to copying kcoreAdrian Hunter