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2016-12-13Merge tag 'char-misc-4.10-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/g...Linus Torvalds
2016-12-06tools: hv: Enable network manager for bonding scripts on RHELHaiyang Zhang
2016-12-06Tools: hv: kvp: configurable external scripts pathAlex Fluter
2016-11-07tools: hv: remove unnecessary header files and netlink related codeWeibing Zhang
2016-11-07tools: hv: fix a compile warning in snprintfWeibing Zhang
2016-11-07tools: hv: remove unnecessary link flagWeibing Zhang
2016-09-02Drivers: hv: utils: Check VSS daemon is listening before a hot backupAlex Ng
2016-08-31Tools: hv: kvp: ensure kvp device fd is closed on execVitaly Kuznetsov
2016-07-12tools: hv: Add a script to help bonding synthetic and VF NICsHaiyang Zhang
2016-05-01tools: hv: lsvmbus: add pci pass-through UUIDVitaly Kuznetsov
2016-02-07tools/hv: Use include/uapi with __EXPORTED_HEADERS__Kamal Mostafa
2015-12-14tools: hv: vss: fix the write()'s argument: error -> vss_msgDexuan Cui
2015-12-14tools: hv: remove repeated HV_FCOPY stringOlaf Hering
2015-12-14tools: hv: report ENOSPC errors in hv_fcopy_daemonOlaf Hering
2015-08-05tools: hv: add a python script lsvmbus to list VMBus devicesDexuan Cui
2015-05-24Drivers: hv: fcopy: full handshake supportVitaly Kuznetsov
2015-05-24Drivers: hv: vss: full handshake supportVitaly Kuznetsov
2015-05-24Tools: hv: vss: use misc char device to communicate with kernelVitaly Kuznetsov
2015-05-24Tools: hv: kvp: use misc char device to communicate with kernelVitaly Kuznetsov
2015-03-25hv: hypervvssd: call endmntent before call setmntent againVaughan Cao
2015-03-25tools: hv: fcopy_daemon: support >2GB files for x86_32 guestDexuan Cui
2015-01-25Tools: hv: do not add redundant '/' in hv_start_fcopy()Vitaly Kuznetsov
2015-01-25Tools: hv: address compiler warnings for hv_fcopy_daemon.cVitaly Kuznetsov
2015-01-25Tools: hv: address compiler warnings for hv_kvp_daemon.cVitaly Kuznetsov
2015-01-25Tools: hv: remove unused bytes_written from kvp_update_file()Vitaly Kuznetsov
2015-01-12tools: hv: kvp_daemon: make IPv6-only-injection workDexuan Cui
2015-01-12tools: hv: Makefile: Add hv_fcopy_daemon to MakefileMatej Muzila
2014-11-26tools: hv: ignore ENOBUFS and ENOMEM in the KVP daemonDexuan Cui
2014-11-26Tools: hv: vssdaemon: skip all filesystems mounted readonlyVitaly Kuznetsov
2014-11-26Tools: hv: vssdaemon: report freeze errorsVitaly Kuznetsov
2014-11-07tools: hv: introduce -n/--no-daemon optionVitaly Kuznetsov
2014-11-07Tools: hv: vssdaemon: ignore the EBUSY on multiple freezing the same partitionDexuan Cui
2014-07-09Tools: hv: fix file overwriting of hv_fcopy_daemonYue Zhang
2014-04-16Tools: hv: Handle the case when the target file exists correctlyK. Y. Srinivasan
2014-02-18Drivers: hv: Implement the file copy serviceK. Y. Srinivasan
2014-02-15Tools: hv: vssdaemon: Ignore VFAT mounts during the Freeze operationK. Y. Srinivasan
2014-02-15Adding makefile for tools/hvBjarke Istrup Pedersen
2013-12-08Tools: hv: remove inclusion of linux/types.hOlaf Hering
2013-09-26Tools: hv: use single send+recv bufferOlaf Hering
2013-09-26Tools: hv: cache FQDN in kvp_daemon to avoid timeoutsOlaf Hering
2013-08-12Tools: hv: use full nlmsghdr in netlink_sendOlaf Hering
2013-08-12Tools: hv: correct payload size in netlink_sendOlaf Hering
2013-08-05Tools: hv: check return value of system in hv_kvp_daemonOlaf Hering
2013-08-05Tools: hv: in kvp_set_ip_info free mac_addr right after usageOlaf Hering
2013-08-02Tools: hv: check return value of daemon to fix compiler warning.Olaf Hering
2013-08-02Tools: hv: fix send/recv buffer allocationOlaf Hering
2013-07-29Merge 3.11-rc3 into char-misc-next.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2013-07-26tools: hv: Check return value of setsockopt callTomas Hozza
2013-07-26tools: hv: Check return value of poll callTomas Hozza
2013-07-26tools: hv: Improve error logging in VSS daemon.Tomas Hozza