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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Rename from s3c24xx to samsungJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Generalize Kconfig symbolsJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: SMDK_WM8580: Enable for SMDKC100Jassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: SMDK64XX: Rename for other platformsJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: S3C64XX: Remove obsoleted I2S driversJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: SMDK64XX: Move to use new I2S driverJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: GONI: Move to use new I2S driverJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: SMARTQ: Move to use new I2S driverJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Add common I2S driverJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Rename s3c64xx I2S deviceJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Generalize DMA driver namespaceJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Rename PCM driverJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Rename AC97 driverJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Rename AC97 platform deviceJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Rename ASoC DMA driverJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Rename DMA deviceJassi Brar
2010-11-23ASoC: Samsung: Remove redundant AQUILA driverJassi Brar
2010-11-22Merge branch 'for-2.6.37' into for-2.6.38Mark Brown
2010-11-22ASoC: Do not include soc-dapm.hJarkko Nikula
2010-11-22ASoC: Fix compile breakage in jz4740.c and smartq_wm8987.cJarkko Nikula
2010-11-22ASoC: s3c24xx: test wrong variableVasiliy Kulikov
2010-11-15Merge branch 'for-2.6.37' into for-2.6.38Mark Brown
2010-11-15ASoC: RX1950: Fix hw_params functionVasily Khoruzhick
2010-11-08Merge branch 'for-2.6.37' into HEADMark Brown
2010-11-08ASoC: s3c24xx: Fix compilation problem for mini2440Marek Belisko
2010-11-06ASoC: Decouple DAPM from CODECsLiam Girdwood
2010-10-25Merge branch 'topic/asoc' into for-linusTakashi Iwai
2010-10-17sound: fixed typosAndrea Gelmini
2010-10-15ASoC: SAMSUNG: Add Machine driver for S/PDIF PCM audioSeungwhan Youn
2010-10-15ASoC: SAMSUNG: Add S/PDIF CPU driverSeungwhan Youn
2010-09-24ASoC: Add debug logging for s3c-ac97 resetsMark Brown
2010-09-24ASoC: Convert s3c-ac97 to pr_() macrosMark Brown
2010-09-24ASoC: Clean up the CODEC device as well as the board for SMDK WM9713Mark Brown
2010-09-24ASoC: Clarify naming for SMDK WM9713 driverMark Brown
2010-09-24ASoC: Remove unneeded WM9713 header include from SMDK WM9713 driverMark Brown
2010-09-21ASoC: Prototype s3c64xx_i2s_get_clock()Mark Brown
2010-09-14ASoC: Samsung: Debug PCM snd_soc_dai_driver registrationJassi Brar
2010-09-14ASoC: Set more meaningful name for SMDK64xx WM8580 audioMark Brown
2010-09-13sound: Remove pr_<level> uses of KERN_<level>Joe Perches
2010-09-11ASoC: S3C: Fix PCM TXFIFO_DIPSTICK valueSeungwhan Youn
2010-09-11ASoC: S3C: Fix PCM RX FIFO settingsSeungwhan Youn
2010-09-10ASoC: Samsung: Debug PCM platform device nameJassi Brar
2010-09-10ASoC: S3C: AC97: Remove the -dai suffixJassi Brar
2010-09-08ASoC: rx1950: Fix clkdiv for 16khz and 48khzVasily Khoruzhick
2010-09-08ASoC: rx1950: remove unnecessary headersVasily Khoruzhick
2010-09-08ASoC: rx1950: check that machine is rx1950 in glue driverVasily Khoruzhick
2010-08-31ASoC: Add HP iPAQ RX1950 supportVasily Khoruzhick
2010-08-15ASoC: Automatically calculate clock ratio for WM8580Mark Brown
2010-08-15ASoC: Add a bit of resource unwinding in the S3C IISv4 driverMark Brown
2010-08-12Merge branch 'topic/multi-component' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/ke...Mark Brown