path: root/sound/soc/codecs/rt5645.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-03ASoC: rt5645: Fix lost pin setting for DMIC1Bard Liao
2015-06-10ASoC: rt5645: change gpio to gpiod APIsOder Chiou
2015-05-06ASoC: rt5645: remove unused field in pdataBard Liao
2015-05-01ASoC: rt5645: add TDM slot control into dapm routeBard Liao
2015-05-01ASoC: rt5645: fix PLL source register definitionsBard Liao
2015-05-01ASoC: rt5645: remove RT5645_I2S_BCLK_MS1 controlBard Liao
2015-04-29ASoC: rt5645: Adds push button support for rt5650Bard Liao
2015-03-13ASoC: rt5645: Remove adc stereo2 filterBard Liao
2015-02-05ASoC: rt5645: add API to select ASRC clock sourceFang, Yang A
2015-01-27ASoC: rt5645: Add rt5650 codec supportBard Liao
2014-11-25ASoC: rt5645: multiple JD mode supportBard Liao
2014-11-14ASoC: rt5645: two jacks for hp and micBard Liao
2014-11-13ASoC: rt5645: add register setting for TDMBard Liao
2014-11-06ASoC: rt5645: Add JD function supportBard Liao
2014-10-20ASoC: rt5645: Add the workqueue of the jack detect function for the debouncingOder Chiou
2014-10-01ASoC: rt5645: Add headset detect functionOder Chiou
2014-06-01ASoC: rt5640: Add the function of the PLL clock calculation to RL6231 shared ...Oder Chiou
2014-05-03ASoC: rt5645: Add codec driverOder Chiou