path: root/net/sctp/protocol.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-25sctp: use inet_recvmsg to support sctp RFS wellXin Long
2016-07-13sctp: allow GSO frags to access the chunk tooMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2016-06-14sctp: fix error return code in sctp_init()Wei Yongjun
2016-06-03sctp: Add GSO supportMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2016-03-08sctp: fix copying more bytes than expected in sctp_add_bind_addrMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2016-02-21sctp: Fix port hash table size computationNeil Horman
2016-01-05sctp: drop the old assoc hashtable of sctpXin Long
2016-01-05sctp: apply rhashtable api to send/recv pathXin Long
2015-12-16net: sctp: dynamically enable or disable pf stateZhu Yanjun
2015-12-15sctp: use GFP_KERNEL in sctp_init()Eric Dumazet
2015-09-11sctp: fix race on protocol/netns initializationMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2015-09-03sctp: add routing output fallbackMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2015-09-03sctp: fix dst leakMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2015-07-21sctp: fix src address selection if using secondary addressesMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2015-07-21sctp: reduce indent level on sctp_v4_get_dstMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2015-05-11net: Pass kern from net_proto_family.create to sk_allocEric W. Biederman
2015-03-02net: use common macro for assering skb->cb[] available size in protocol familiesEyal Birger
2014-10-10Merge branch 'for-3.18' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tj/p...Linus Torvalds
2014-09-09net/ipv4: bind ip_nonlocal_bind to current netnsVincent Bernat
2014-09-08percpu_counter: add @gfp to percpu_counter_init()Tejun Heo
2014-07-31sctp: Fixup v4mapped behaviour to comply with Sock APIJason Gunthorpe
2014-05-23net: Eliminate no_check from protoswTom Herbert
2014-05-12Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2014-05-07net: clean up snmp stats codeWANG Cong
2014-04-27sctp: reset flowi4_oif parameter on route lookupXufeng Zhang
2014-04-15ipv4: add a sock pointer to ip_queue_xmit()Eric Dumazet
2014-01-21sctp: remove macros sctp_bh_[un]lock_sockwangweidong
2014-01-16sctp: remove the unnecessary assignmentwangweidong
2014-01-13ipv4: introduce hardened ip_no_pmtu_disc modeHannes Frederic Sowa
2013-12-26sctp: fix checkpatch errors with open brace '{' and trailing statementswangweidong
2013-12-06sctp: Fix FSF address in file headersJeff Kirsher
2013-08-09Revert "net: sctp: convert sctp_checksum_disable module param into sctp sysctl"David S. Miller
2013-08-09net: sctp: trivial: update bug report in header commentDaniel Borkmann
2013-08-09net: sctp: convert sctp_checksum_disable module param into sctp sysctlDaniel Borkmann
2013-07-24net: sctp: trivial: update mailing list addressDaniel Borkmann
2013-07-01net: sctp: rework debugging framework to use pr_debug and friendsDaniel Borkmann
2013-06-19sctp: Convert __list_for_each use to list_for_eachDave Jones
2013-06-17net: sctp: remove SCTP_STATIC macroDaniel Borkmann
2013-06-17net: sctp: get rid of t_new macro for kzallocDaniel Borkmann
2013-03-18net: sctp: remove cast for kmalloc/kzalloc return valueZhang Yanfei
2012-12-28sctp: make sctp_addr_wq_timeout_handler staticstephen hemminger
2012-12-15sctp: Change defaults on cookie hmac selectionNeil Horman
2012-12-07sctp: Fix compiler warning when CONFIG_DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCH=yChristoph Paasch
2012-10-26sctp: Make hmac algorithm selection for cookie generation dynamicNeil Horman
2012-08-14sctp: Make sysctl tunables per netEric W. Biederman
2012-08-14sctp: Push struct net down into sctp_in_scopeEric W. Biederman
2012-08-14sctp: Add infrastructure for per net sysctlsEric W. Biederman
2012-08-14sctp: Make the mib per network namespaceEric W. Biederman
2012-08-14sctp: Enable sctp in all network namespacesEric W. Biederman
2012-08-14sctp: Make the proc files per network namespace.Eric W. Biederman