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2017-06-15rxrpc: Fix several cases where a padded len isn't checked in ticket decodeDavid Howells
2017-04-06rxrpc: Trace client call connectionDavid Howells
2017-04-06rxrpc: Trace changes in a call's receive window sizeDavid Howells
2017-04-06rxrpc: Trace received abortsDavid Howells
2017-04-06rxrpc: Trace protocol errors in received packetsDavid Howells
2017-04-06rxrpc: Handle temporary errors better in rxkad securityDavid Howells
2017-04-06rxrpc: Note a successfully aborted kernel operationDavid Howells
2017-04-06rxrpc: Use negative error codes in rxrpc_call structDavid Howells
2017-03-16rxrpc: Ignore BUSY packets on old callsDavid Howells
2017-03-10rxrpc: Wake up the transmitter if Rx window size increases on the peerDavid Howells
2017-03-09rxrpc: rxrpc_kernel_send_data() needs to handle failed call betterDavid Howells
2017-03-07rxrpc: Call state should be read with READ_ONCE() under some circumstancesDavid Howells
2017-03-04Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netLinus Torvalds
2017-03-03rxrpc: Fix potential NULL-pointer exceptionDavid Howells
2017-03-02sched/headers: Prepare to move signal wakeup & sigpending methods from <linux...Ingo Molnar
2017-03-01rxrpc: Fix deadlock between call creation and sendmsg/recvmsgDavid Howells
2017-02-26rxrpc: Kernel calls get stuck in recvmsgDavid Howells
2017-02-24rxrpc: Fix an assertion in rxrpc_read()Marc Dionne
2017-02-17rxrpc: Change module filename to rxrpc.koDavid Howells
2017-01-09rxrpc: Allow listen(sock, 0) to be used to disable listeningDavid Howells
2017-01-05rxrpc: Show a call's hard-ACK cursors in /proc/net/rxrpc_callsDavid Howells
2017-01-05rxrpc: Add some more tracingDavid Howells
2017-01-05rxrpc: Fix handling of enums-to-string translation in tracingDavid Howells
2017-01-04scm: remove use CMSG{_COMPAT}_ALIGN(sizeof(struct {compat_}cmsghdr))yuan linyu
2016-12-14rxrpc: abstract away knowledge of IDR internalsMatthew Wilcox
2016-11-07udp: do fwd memory scheduling on dequeuePaolo Abeni
2016-10-13rxrpc: Fix checking of error from ip6_route_output()David Howells
2016-10-13rxrpc: Fix checker warning by not passing always-zero value to ERR_PTR()David Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Don't request an ACK on the last DATA packet of a call's Tx phaseDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Need to produce an ACK for service op if op takes a long timeDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Return negative error code to kernel serviceDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Add missing notificationDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Queue the call on expiryDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Partially handle OpenAFS's improper termination of callsDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Fix loss of PING RESPONSE ACK production due to PING ACKsDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Fix warning by splitting rxrpc_send_call_packet()David Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Only ping for lost reply in client callDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Fix oops on incoming call to serviceless endpointDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Fix duplicate constDavid Howells
2016-10-06rxrpc: Accesses of rxrpc_local::service need to be RCU managedDavid Howells
2016-09-30rxrpc: Fix the call timer handlingDavid Howells
2016-09-30rxrpc: Keep the call timeouts as ktimes rather than jiffiesDavid Howells
2016-09-30rxrpc: Remove error from struct rxrpc_skb_priv as it is unusedDavid Howells
2016-09-30rxrpc: The offset field in struct rxrpc_skb_priv is unnecessaryDavid Howells
2016-09-30rxrpc: Reduce ssthresh to peer's receive windowDavid Howells
2016-09-30rxrpc: Switch to Congestion Avoidance mode at cwnd==ssthreshDavid Howells
2016-09-29rxrpc: Note serial number being ACK'd in the congestion management traceDavid Howells
2016-09-29rxrpc: Request more ACKs in slow-start modeDavid Howells
2016-09-29rxrpc: Reduce the rxrpc_local::services list to a pointerDavid Howells
2016-09-29rxrpc: When activating client conn channels, do state check inside lockDavid Howells