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2016-08-04mm: disable CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG when KASAN is enabledzhong jiang
2016-08-04mm/block: convert rw_page users to bio op useMike Christie
2016-08-04block: fix bdi vs gendisk lifetime mismatchDan Williams
2016-08-03shmem: Fix link error if huge pages support is disabledGeert Uytterhoeven
2016-08-02Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)Linus Torvalds
2016-08-02mm: refuse wrapped vm_brk requestsKees Cook
2016-08-02treewide: replace obsolete _refok by __refFabian Frederick
2016-08-02mm: vmscan: fix memcg-aware shrinkers not called on global reclaimVladimir Davydov
2016-08-02kasan: avoid overflowing quarantine size on low memory systemsAlexander Potapenko
2016-08-02kasan: improve double-free reportsAndrey Ryabinin
2016-08-02mm/kasan: get rid of ->state in struct kasan_alloc_metaAndrey Ryabinin
2016-08-02mm/kasan: get rid of ->alloc_size in struct kasan_alloc_metaAndrey Ryabinin
2016-08-02mm/kasan, slub: don't disable interrupts when object leaves quarantineAndrey Ryabinin
2016-08-02mm/kasan: don't reduce quarantine in atomic contextsAndrey Ryabinin
2016-08-02mm/kasan: fix corruptions and false positive reportsAndrey Ryabinin
2016-08-02memcg: put soft limit reclaim out of way if the excess tree is emptyMichal Hocko
2016-08-02mm, hugetlb: fix huge_pte_alloc BUG_ONMichal Hocko
2016-08-02mm/hugetlb: avoid soft lockup in set_max_huge_pages()Jia He
2016-08-02mm: move swap-in anonymous page into active listMinchan Kim
2016-08-02mm: fail prefaulting if page table allocation failsVegard Nossum
2016-08-02Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvmLinus Torvalds
2016-08-01powerpc/mm/hugetlb: Add flush_hugetlb_tlb_rangeAneesh Kumar K.V
2016-07-29Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/msz...Linus Torvalds
2016-07-29mm: export filemap_check_errors() to modulesMiklos Szeredi
2016-07-28Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)Linus Torvalds
2016-07-28mm, compaction: simplify contended compaction handlingVlastimil Babka
2016-07-28mm, compaction: introduce direct compaction priorityVlastimil Babka
2016-07-28mm, thp: remove __GFP_NORETRY from khugepaged and madvised allocationsVlastimil Babka
2016-07-28mm, page_alloc: make THP-specific decisions more genericVlastimil Babka
2016-07-28mm, page_alloc: restructure direct compaction handling in slowpathVlastimil Babka
2016-07-28mm, page_alloc: don't retry initial attempt in slowpathVlastimil Babka
2016-07-28mm, page_alloc: set alloc_flags only once in slowpathVlastimil Babka
2016-07-28mm, kasan: switch SLUB to stackdepot, enable memory quarantine for SLUBAlexander Potapenko
2016-07-28mm, kasan: account for object redzone in SLUB's nearest_obj()Alexander Potapenko
2016-07-28mm: fix use-after-free if memory allocation failed in vma_adjust()Kirill A. Shutemov
2016-07-28zsmalloc: Delete an unnecessary check before the function call "iput"Markus Elfring
2016-07-28mm/memblock.c: fix index adjustment error in __next_mem_range_rev()zijun_hu
2016-07-28mem-hotplug: alloc new page from a nearest neighbor node when mem-offlineXishi Qiu
2016-07-28mm: add cond_resched() to generic_swapfile_activate()Mikulas Patocka
2016-07-28Revert "mm, mempool: only set __GFP_NOMEMALLOC if there are free elements"Michal Hocko
2016-07-28mm, compaction: don't isolate PageWriteback pages in MIGRATE_SYNC_LIGHT modeHugh Dickins
2016-07-28mm: hwpoison: remove incorrect commentsNaoya Horiguchi
2016-07-28make __section_nr() more efficientZhou Chengming
2016-07-28kmemleak: don't hang if user disables scanning earlyVegard Nossum
2016-07-28mm/memblock.c: add new infrastructure to address the mem limit issueDennis Chen
2016-07-28mm: fix memcg stack accounting for sub-page stacksAndy Lutomirski
2016-07-28mm: track NR_KERNEL_STACK in KiB instead of number of stacksAndy Lutomirski
2016-07-28mm: CONFIG_ZONE_DEVICE stop depending on CONFIG_EXPERTDan Williams
2016-07-28memblock: include <asm/sections.h> instead of <asm-generic/sections.h>Christoph Hellwig
2016-07-28mm, THP: clean up return value of madvise_free_huge_pmdHuang Ying