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2016-08-02treewide: replace obsolete _refok by __refFabian Frederick
2016-07-31Merge tag 'sound-4.8-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ti...Linus Torvalds
2016-07-25Merge branches 'acpi-processor', 'acpi-cppc', 'acpi-apei' and 'acpi-sleep'Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-07-25Merge branches 'acpi-ec', 'acpi-video', 'acpi-button' and 'acpi-thermal'Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-07-25Merge branches 'acpi-bus', 'acpi-pci', 'acpica' and 'acpi-doc'Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-07-25Merge branch 'acpi-numa'Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-07-24Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/topic/cs53l30', 'asoc/topic/cygnus', 'as...Mark Brown
2016-07-21ACPI / processor_idle: Add support for Low Power Idle(LPI) statesSudeep Holla
2016-07-21ACPI / processor_idle: introduce ACPI_PROCESSOR_CSTATESudeep Holla
2016-07-15ACPICA: Linux: Enable ACPI_MUTEX_DEBUG for Linux kernelLv Zheng
2016-07-11Revert "ACPI 2.0 / AML: Improve module level execution by moving the If/Else/...Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-07-02Revert "ACPI, PCI, IRQ: remove redundant code in acpi_irq_penalty_init()"Sinan Kaya
2016-06-26device property: Add function to search for named child of deviceAdam Thomson
2016-06-25ACPI / video: Dummy acpi_video_register should return error codeArvind Yadav
2016-06-25mailbox: pcc: Add PCC request and free channel declarationsHoan Tran
2016-06-03Merge branches 'acpica-fixes', 'acpi-video' and 'acpi-processor'Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-05-30ACPI / processor: Add acpi_map_madt_entry()David Daney
2016-05-30ACPI / NUMA: move bad_srat() and srat_disabled() to drivers/acpi/numa.cDavid Daney
2016-05-30ACPI / Thermal / video: fix max_level incorrect valueAaron Lu
2016-05-23Merge tag 'libnvdimm-for-4.7' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Linus Torvalds
2016-05-18Merge branch 'for-4.7/acpi6.1' into libnvdimm-for-nextDan Williams
2016-05-16Merge branches 'acpi-pci', 'acpi-misc' and 'acpi-tools'Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-05-16Merge branches 'acpi-drivers', 'acpi-pm', 'acpi-ec' and 'acpi-video'Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-05-16Merge branch 'acpica'Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-05-13ACPI / video: mark acpi_video_get_levels() inlineArnd Bergmann
2016-05-05ACPICA: Update version to 20160422Bob Moore
2016-05-05ACPICA: ACPI 6.0, tools/iasl: Add support for new resource descriptorsBob Moore
2016-05-05ACPICA: ACPI 6.1: Support for new PCCT subtableBob Moore
2016-05-05ACPICA: Divergence: remove unwanted spaces for typedefLv Zheng
2016-05-05ACPI,PCI,IRQ: remove redundant code in acpi_irq_penalty_init()Sinan Kaya
2016-05-04ACPI/video: export acpi_video_get_levelsAaron Lu
2016-04-27device property: Avoid potential dereferences of invalid pointersHeikki Krogerus
2016-04-11acpi: widen acpi_evaluate_dsm() revision and function-index argumentsJerry Hoemann
2016-04-09ACPI / utils: Rename acpi_dev_present()Lukas Wunner
2016-04-09ACPI 2.0 / AML: Improve module level execution by moving the If/Else/While ex...Lv Zheng
2016-04-05ACPICA: Update version to 20160318Bob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: All: const keyword changes across the ACPICA sourceBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: Add support for QNX 6.6 platformWill Miles
2016-04-05ACPICA: Headers: Update generation of the ACPICA libraryBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: iASL/Headers: Fix incorrect definition of FPDT tableBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: ACPI 6.1: Add full support for this version of ACPI specBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: Tables: Update FADT handlingBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: Headers: Update DMAR table for October 2014 I/O specBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: ACPI 6.1: Update NFIT table for additional new fieldsBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: IORT: Add in support for the SMMUv3 subtableAl Stone
2016-04-05ACPICA: ACPI 6.1: Updates for the HEST ACPI tableBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: Headers: Minor update for SPCR ACPI tableBob Moore
2016-04-05ACPICA: Headers: Add new constants for the DBG2 ACPI tableAleksey Makarov
2016-04-05ACPICA: Linuxize: Remove useless platform headersLv Zheng
2016-04-04ACPICA: Linuxize: reduce divergences for 20160212 releaseLv Zheng