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2006-02-03[PATCH] UDF: Fix issues reported by Coverity in namei.cJayachandran C
2006-02-03[PATCH] coverity: udf/balloc.c null deref fixKAMBAROV, ZAUR
2006-02-03[PATCH] debugfs: hard link count wrongVincent Hanquez
2006-02-03[PATCH] fat: Fix truncate() write orderingOGAWA Hirofumi
2006-02-03[PATCH] Trivial optimization of ll_rw_block()OGAWA Hirofumi
2006-02-03[PATCH] fat: Replace an own implementation with ll_rw_block(SWRITE,)OGAWA Hirofumi
2006-02-03[PATCH] quota: fix error code for ext2_new_inode()Herbert Poetzl
2006-02-03[PATCH] fcntl F_SETFL and read-only IS_APPEND filesdean gaudet
2006-02-03[PATCH] fix O_DIRECT read of last block in a sparse fileJeff Moyer
2006-02-03[PATCH] ext2: print xip mount option in ext2_show_optionsCarsten Otte
2006-02-03[PATCH] disable per cpu intr in /proc/statschwab@suse.de
2006-02-03[PATCH] v9fs: fix corner cases when flushing requestLatchesar Ionkov
2006-02-03[PATCH] v9fs: v9fs_put_str fixLatchesar Ionkov
2006-02-03[PATCH] v9fs: symlink support fixesLatchesar Ionkov
2006-02-03[PATCH] fs/jffs/intrep.c: 255 is unsigned charFelix Oxley
2006-02-03[PATCH] Fix two ext[23] uninitialized warningsAndreas Gruenbacher
2006-02-03[PATCH] make "struct d_cookie" depend on CONFIG_PROFILINGMarcelo Tosatti
2006-02-03[PATCH] ufs: fix hang during `rm'Evgeniy Dushistov
2006-02-03[PATCH] ufs: fix oops with `ufs1' typeEvgeniy Dushistov
2006-02-03[PATCH] quota_v2: printk warning fixesAndrew Morton
2006-02-03[PATCH] someone broke reiserfs V3 mount options, this fixes itVitaly Fertman
2006-02-02Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torval...Trond Myklebust
2006-02-01[PATCH] compat: fix compat_sys_openat and friendsStephen Rothwell
2006-02-01Merge with /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.gitSteve French
2006-02-01NFSv3: fix sync_retry in direct i/o NFSDirk Mueller
2006-02-01NLM: Ensure that nlmclnt_cancel_callback() doesn't loop foreverTrond Myklebust
2006-02-01NLM: Fix arguments to NLM_CANCEL callTrond Myklebust
2006-02-01[PATCH] DocBook: fix some kernel-doc comments in fs and blockMartin Waitz
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs: check for files > 2GB on 3.5.x disksJeff Mahoney
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs fix journal accounting in journal_transaction_shou...Chris Mason
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs write_ordered_buffers should not oops on dirty non...Chris Mason
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs hang and performance fix for data=journal modeChris Mason
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: zero b_private when allocating buffer headsChris Mason
2006-02-01[PATCH] resierfs: fix reiserfs_invalidatepage race against data=orderedChris Mason
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: use generic_permissionChristoph Hellwig
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: remove reiserfs_permission_lockedChristoph Hellwig
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: missing kmalloc failure checkDiego Calleja
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: use __GFP_NOFAIL instead of yield and retry loop for alloca...Pekka Enberg
2006-02-01[PATCH] reiserfs: remove kmalloc wrapperPekka Enberg
2006-02-01[PATCH] Direct Migration V9: Avoid writeback / page_migrate() methodChristoph Lameter
2006-02-01[PATCH] mm: hugepage accounting fixHugh Dickins
2006-02-01[PATCH] Mark CONFIG_UFS_FS_WRITE as BROKENAlexey Dobriyan
2006-02-01[PATCH] compat_sys_pselect7() fixAndrew Morton
2006-02-01[PATCH] fuse: fix async read for legacy filesystemsMiklos Szeredi
2006-02-01[PATCH] smbfs readdir vs signal fixAndrew Morton
2006-02-01[PATCH] knfsd: Restore recently broken ACL functionality to NFS serverAndreas Gruenbacher
2006-01-31Merge git://oss.sgi.com:8090/oss/git/xfs-2.6Linus Torvalds
2006-02-01[XFS] Fix regression in xfs_buf_rele dealing with non-hashed buffers, asNathan Scott
2006-02-01[XFS] Interim solution for attribute insertion failure during fileYingping Lu
2006-01-31[BLOCK] A few kerneldoc fixupsJens Axboe