path: root/fs/fuse
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-14Merge branch 'page-refs' (page ref overflow)Linus Torvalds
2019-04-14fs: prevent page refcount overflow in pipe_buf_getMatthew Wilcox
2019-03-12Merge tag 'fuse-update-5.1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2019-03-12mm: refactor readahead defines in mm.hNikolay Borisov
2019-02-13fuse: cache readdir calls if filesystem opts out of opendirChad Austin
2019-02-13fuse: support clients that don't implement 'opendir'Chad Austin
2019-02-13fuse: lift bad inode checks into callersMiklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse: multiplex cached/direct_io file operationsMiklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse add copy_file_range to direct io fopsMiklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse: use iov_iter based generic splice helpersMiklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse: Switch to using async direct IO for FOPEN_DIRECT_IOMartin Raiber
2019-02-13fuse: use atomic64_t for khctrMiklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse: clean up abortedMiklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse: Protect ff->reserved_req via corresponding fi->lockKirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Protect fi->nlookup with fi->lockKirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Introduce fi->lock to protect write related fieldsKirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Convert fc->attr_version into atomic64_tKirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Add fuse_inode argument to fuse_prepare_release()Kirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Verify userspace asks to requeue interrupt that we really sentKirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Do some refactoring in fuse_dev_do_write()Kirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Wake up req->waitq of only if not backgroundKirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Optimize request_end() by not taking fiq->waitq.lockKirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Kill fasync only if interrupt is queued in queue_interrupt()Kirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Remove stale comment in end_requests()Kirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: Replace page without copying in fuse_writepage_in_flight()Kirill Tkhai
2019-02-13fuse: fix leaked aux requestsMiklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse: only reuse auxiliary request in fuse_writepage_in_flight()Miklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse: clean up fuse_writepage_in_flight()Miklos Szeredi
2019-02-13fuse: extract fuse_find_writeback() helperMiklos Szeredi
2019-01-16fuse: decrement NR_WRITEBACK_TEMP on the right pageMiklos Szeredi
2019-01-16fuse: call pipe_buf_release() under pipe lockJann Horn
2019-01-16cuse: fix ioctlMiklos Szeredi
2019-01-16fuse: handle zero sized retrieve correctlyMiklos Szeredi
2018-12-28mm: convert totalram_pages and totalhigh_pages variables to atomicArun KS
2018-12-11fuse: continue to send FUSE_RELEASEDIR when FUSE_OPEN returns ENOSYSChad Austin
2018-12-10fuse: Fix memory leak in fuse_dev_free()Takeshi Misawa
2018-12-03fuse: fix revalidation of attributes for permission checkMiklos Szeredi
2018-12-03fuse: fix fsync on directoryMiklos Szeredi
2018-11-22fuse: Add bad inode check in fuse_destroy_inode()Myungho Jung
2018-11-09fuse: fix use-after-free in fuse_direct_IO()Lukas Czerner
2018-11-09fuse: fix possibly missed wake-up after abortMiklos Szeredi
2018-11-09fuse: fix leaked notify replyMiklos Szeredi
2018-11-01Merge branch 'work.afs' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/viro...Linus Torvalds
2018-10-24iov_iter: Use accessor functionDavid Howells
2018-10-15fuse: enable caching of symlinksDan Schatzberg
2018-10-15fuse: only invalidate atime in direct readMiklos Szeredi
2018-10-15fuse: don't need GETATTR after every READMiklos Szeredi
2018-10-15fuse: allow fine grained attr cache invaldationMiklos Szeredi
2018-10-01fuse: realloc page arrayMiklos Szeredi
2018-10-01fuse: add max_pages to init_outConstantine Shulyupin