path: root/fs/cifs/smb2misc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-24smb3: add credits we receive from oplock/break PDUsRonnie Sahlberg
2018-09-02smb3: minor debugging clarifications in rfc1001 len processingSteve French
2018-08-23cifs: check if SMB2 PDU size has been padded and suppress the warningRonnie Sahlberg
2018-08-07smb3: simplify code by removing CONFIG_CIFS_SMB311Steve French
2018-06-15smb3: fix corrupt path in subdirs on smb311 with posixSteve French
2018-06-15cifs: add lease tracking to the cached root fidRonnie Sahlberg
2018-06-07CIFS: Fix NULL ptr derefAurelien Aptel
2018-06-02cifs: update multiplex loop to handle compounded responsesRonnie Sahlberg
2018-06-01cifs: remove header_preamble_size where it is always 0Ronnie Sahlberg
2018-06-01cifs: remove struct smb2_hdrRonnie Sahlberg
2018-05-31cifs: change smb2_get_data_area_len to take a smb2_sync_hdr as argumentRonnie Sahlberg
2018-05-31cifs: update smb2_calc_size to use smb2_sync_hdr instead of smb2_hdrRonnie Sahlberg
2018-05-31cifs: remove struct smb2_oplock_break_rspRonnie Sahlberg
2018-05-31smb3: Add posix create context for smb3.11 posix mountsSteve French
2018-05-30cifs: update smb2_check_message to handle PDUs without a 4 byte length headerRonnie Sahlberg
2018-05-27cifs: update calc_size to take a server argumentRonnie Sahlberg
2018-04-12smb3.11: replace a 4 with server->vals->header_preamble_sizeSteve French
2018-04-12SMB3: Fix length checking of SMB3.11 negotiate requestSteve French
2018-04-02cifs: fix sparse warning on previous patch in a few printksSteve French
2018-04-02cifs: add server->vals->header_preamble_sizeRonnie Sahlberg
2018-04-01CIFS: implement v3.11 preauth integrityAurelien Aptel
2018-01-24cifs: remove rfc1002 header from smb2_oplock_break we get from serverRonnie Sahlberg
2017-05-03CIFS: fix oplock break deadlocksRabin Vincent
2017-04-07Handle mismatched open callsSachin Prabhu
2017-02-01CIFS: Separate SMB2 header structurePavel Shilovsky
2016-10-12Clarify locking of cifs file and tcon structures and make more granularSteve French
2016-01-14Prepare for encryption support (first part). Add decryption and encryption ke...Steve French
2015-04-15VFS: normal filesystems (and lustre): d_inode() annotationsDavid Howells
2015-04-01Fix coverity warningSteve French
2014-12-14Convert MessageID in smb2_hdr to LESachin Prabhu
2014-12-10fs/cifs: remove obsolete __constantFabian Frederick
2014-10-16Allow conversion of characters in Mac remap range (part 2)Steve French
2014-08-15[CIFS] Workaround MacOS server problem with SMB2.1 writeSteve French
2014-08-02[CIFS] Fix incorrect hex vs. decimal in some debug print statementsSteve French
2014-04-16cifs: Wait for writebacks to complete before attempting write.Sachin Prabhu
2013-09-09CIFS: Respect epoch value from create lease context v2Pavel Shilovsky
2013-09-09CIFS: Store lease state itself rather than a mapped oplock valuePavel Shilovsky
2013-09-08CIFS: Replace clientCanCache* bools with an integerPavel Shilovsky
2013-09-08CIFS: Fix missing lease breakPavel Shilovsky
2013-09-08CIFS: Fix a memory leak when a lease break comesPavel Shilovsky
2013-09-08CIFS: Implement follow_link for SMB2Pavel Shilovsky
2013-06-26SMB2 FSCTL and IOCTL worker functionSteve French
2013-05-04[CIFS] cifs: Rename cERROR and cFYI to cifs_dbgJoe Perches
2012-09-24Trivial endian fixesSteve French
2012-09-24CIFS: Fix fast lease break after open problemPavel Shilovsky
2012-09-24CIFS: Add SMB2.1 lease break supportPavel Shilovsky
2012-09-24CIFS: Add oplock break support for SMB2Pavel Shilovsky
2012-09-24CIFS: Add readdir support for SMB2Pavel Shilovsky
2012-09-24CIFS: Add SMB2 support for cifs_iovec_readPavel Shilovsky
2012-08-19CIFS: Fix log messages in packet checking for SMB2Pavel Shilovsky