path: root/fs/cifs/cifsglob.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-07Introduce cifs_copy_file_range()Sachin Prabhu
2017-04-07SMB3: Rename clone_range to copychunk_rangeSachin Prabhu
2017-04-07Handle mismatched open callsSachin Prabhu
2017-03-02smb2: Enforce sec= mount optionSachin Prabhu
2017-03-01CIFS: let ses->ipc_tid hold smb2 TreeIdsAurelien Aptel
2017-02-01CIFS: Decrypt and process small encrypted packetsPavel Shilovsky
2017-02-01CIFS: Add copy into pages callback for a read operationPavel Shilovsky
2017-02-01CIFS: Add mid handle callbackPavel Shilovsky
2017-02-01CIFS: Add transform header handling callbacksPavel Shilovsky
2017-02-01CIFS: Encrypt SMB3 requests before sendingPavel Shilovsky
2017-02-01CIFS: Add capability to transform requests before sendingPavel Shilovsky
2017-02-01CIFS: Send RFC1001 length in a separate iovPavel Shilovsky
2017-02-01CIFS: Make send_cancel take rqst as argumentPavel Shilovsky
2016-12-15Fix default behaviour for empty domains and add domainauto optionGermano Percossi
2016-12-05CIFS: Fix a possible double locking of mutex during reconnectPavel Shilovsky
2016-12-05CIFS: Fix a possible memory corruption during reconnectPavel Shilovsky
2016-12-01SMB3: parsing for new snapshot timestamp mount parmSteve French
2016-10-14CIFS: Add new mount option to set owner uid and gid from special sids in aclSteve French
2016-10-13CIFS: Fix persistent handles re-opening on reconnectPavel Shilovsky
2016-10-13Enable previous version supportSteve French
2016-10-12SMB3: Add mount parameter to allow user to override max creditsSteve French
2016-10-12Clarify locking of cifs file and tcon structures and make more granularSteve French
2016-06-23cifs: stuff the fl_owner into "pid" field in the lock requestJeff Layton
2016-05-18Merge branch 'sendmsg.cifs' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2016-04-04mm, fs: remove remaining PAGE_CACHE_* and page_cache_{get,release} usageKirill A. Shutemov
2016-03-28cifs: no need to wank with copying and advancing iovec on recvmsg side eitherAl Viro
2016-03-17lib: update single-char callers of strtobool()Kees Cook
2016-01-14Prepare for encryption support (first part). Add decryption and encryption ke...Steve French
2016-01-14cifs: Make echo interval tunableSteve French
2015-11-03Add resilienthandles mount parmSteve French
2015-11-03[SMB3] Send durable handle v2 contexts when use of persistent handles requiredSteve French
2015-11-03[SMB3] Enable checking for continuous availability and persistent handle supportSteve French
2015-11-03[SMB3] Add parsing for new mount option controlling persistent handlesSteve French
2015-06-28Add ioctl to set integritySteve French
2015-06-28Add reflink copy over SMB3.11 with new FSCTL_DUPLICATE_EXTENTSSteve French
2015-06-27Add SMB3.11 mount option synonym for new dialectSteve French
2015-06-27Allow parsing vers=3.11 on cifs mountSteve French
2014-12-14Convert MessageID in smb2_hdr to LESachin Prabhu
2014-11-19cifs: get rid of ->f_path.dentry->d_sb uses, add a new helperAl Viro
2014-10-16Remap reserved posix characters by default (part 3/3)Steve French
2014-10-16Allow mknod and mkfifo on SMB2/SMB3 mountsSteve French
2014-08-25CIFS: Fix wrong filename length for SMB2Pavel Shilovsky
2014-08-17enable fallocate punch hole ("fallocate -p") for SMB3Steve French
2014-08-17CIFS: Fix SMB2 readdir error handlingPavel Shilovsky
2014-08-13Add sparse file support to SMB2/SMB3 mountsSteve French
2014-08-02CIFS: Use separate var for the number of bytes got in async readPavel Shilovsky
2014-08-02CIFS: Use multicredits for SMB 2.1/3 readsPavel Shilovsky
2014-08-02CIFS: Use multicredits for SMB 2.1/3 writesPavel Shilovsky
2014-08-02CIFS: Fix cifs_writev_requeue when wsize changesPavel Shilovsky
2014-05-21cifs: Set client guid on per connection basisSachin Prabhu