path: root/drivers/rtc/rtc-s5m.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-29drivers/rtc/rtc-s5m.c: re-add support for devices without irq specifiedBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
2014-06-10rtc: s5m: consolidate two device type switch statementsKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-06-10rtc: s5m: add support for S2MPS14 RTCKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-06-10rtc: s5m: support different register layoutKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-06-10rtc: s5m: use shorter time of register updateKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-06-10rtc: s5m: remove undocumented time init on first bootKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-06-10mfd/rtc: sec/s5m: rename SEC* symbols to S5MKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-06-03mfd/rtc: s5m: Do not allocate RTC I2C dummy and regmap for unsupported chipsetsKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-01-23drivers/rtc/rtc-s5m.c: s5m_rtc_{suspend,resume}() should depend on CONFIG_PM_...Geert Uytterhoeven
2013-12-12mfd/rtc: s5m: fix register updating by adding regmap for RTCKrzysztof Kozlowski
2013-12-12rtc: s5m: enable IRQ wake during suspendKrzysztof Kozlowski
2013-12-12rtc: s5m: limit endless loop waiting for register updateKrzysztof Kozlowski
2013-12-12rtc: s5m: fix unsuccesful IRQ request during probeKrzysztof Kozlowski
2013-12-12drivers/rtc/rtc-s5m.c: fix info->rtc assignmentGeert Uytterhoeven
2013-11-13rtc: s5m-rtc: add real-time clock driver for s5m8767Sangbeom Kim