path: root/drivers/pwm/core.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-10pwm: add devm_pwm_get() and devm_pwm_put()Alexandre Courbot
2012-09-10pwm: Add support for configuring the PWM polarityPhilip, Avinash
2012-08-17pwm: core: Fix coding style issuesSachin Kamat
2012-08-17pwm: Add missing static storage class specifiers in core.c fileSachin Kamat
2012-07-23pwm: fix used-uninitialized warning in pwm_get()Thierry Reding
2012-06-15pwm: Add device tree supportThierry Reding
2012-06-15pwm: Add table-based lookup for static mappingsThierry Reding
2012-06-15pwm: Add debugfs interfaceThierry Reding
2012-06-15pwm: Allow chips to support multiple PWMsThierry Reding
2012-06-15pwm: Add PWM framework supportSascha Hauer