path: root/drivers/misc/cxl/cxl.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-09cxl: Fix NULL dereference in cxl_context_init() on PowerVM guestsAndrew Donnellan
2016-07-14cxl: Workaround PE=0 hardware limitation in Mellanox CX4Ian Munsie
2016-07-14cxl: Add support for interrupts on the Mellanox CX4Ian Munsie
2016-07-14cxl: Add preliminary workaround for CX4 interrupt limitationIan Munsie
2016-07-14cxl: Allow a default context to be associated with an external pci_devIan Munsie
2016-07-14cxl: Move cxl_afu_get / cxl_afu_put to baseIan Munsie
2016-07-08cxl: Refine slice error debug messagesPhilippe Bergheaud
2016-07-08cxl: Fix bug where AFU disable operation had no effectIan Munsie
2016-06-28cxl: Add set and get private data to context structMichael Neuling
2016-06-28cxl: Add mechanism for delivering AFU driver specific eventsPhilippe Bergheaud
2016-06-16cxl: Add support for CAPP DMA modeIan Munsie
2016-06-16cxl: Abstract the differences between the PSL and XSLFrederic Barrat
2016-06-16cxl: Update process element after allocating interruptsIan Munsie
2016-05-20Merge tag 'powerpc-4.7-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/po...Linus Torvalds
2016-05-11cxl: Check periodically the coherent platform function's stateChristophe Lombard
2016-05-11cxl: Add kernel API to allow a context to operate with relocate disabledIan Munsie
2016-05-11cxl: Remove duplicate #definesIan Munsie
2016-04-27cxl: Poll for outstanding IRQs when detaching a contextMichael Neuling
2016-04-22cxl: Allow initialization on timebase sync failuresFrederic Barrat
2016-03-09cxl: Ignore probes for virtual afu pci devicesVaibhav Jain
2016-03-09cxl: Adapter failure handlingChristophe Lombard
2016-03-09cxl: Support the cxl kernel API from a guestFrederic Barrat
2016-03-09cxl: Support to flash a new image on the adapter from a guestChristophe Lombard
2016-03-09cxl: sysfs support for guestsChristophe Lombard
2016-03-09cxl: Add guest-specific codeChristophe Lombard
2016-03-09cxl: Separate bare-metal fields in adapter and AFU data structuresChristophe Lombard
2016-03-09cxl: New hcalls to support cxl adaptersChristophe Lombard
2016-03-09cxl: Update cxl_irq() prototypeFrederic Barrat
2016-03-09cxl: Isolate a few bare-metal-specific callsFrederic Barrat
2016-03-09cxl: Rename some bare-metal specific functionsFrederic Barrat
2016-03-09cxl: Introduce implementation-specific APIFrederic Barrat
2016-03-09cxl: Move bare-metal specific code to specialized filesFrederic Barrat
2016-03-09cxl: Move common code away from bare-metal-specific filesChristophe Lombard
2016-01-05cxl: Fix DSI misses when the context owning task exitsVaibhav Jain
2015-11-24cxl: Fix possible idr warning when contexts are releasedVaibhav Jain
2015-10-01cxl: fix leak of IRQ names in cxl_free_afu_irqs()Andrew Donnellan
2015-08-30cxl: Set up and enable PSL TimebasePhilippe Bergheaud
2015-08-30cxl: Fix force unmapping mmaps of contexts allocated through the kernel apiIan Munsie
2015-08-18cxl: Add alternate MMIO error handlingIan Munsie
2015-08-14cxl: EEH supportDaniel Axtens
2015-08-14cxl: Allow the kernel to trust that an image won't change on PERST.Daniel Axtens
2015-08-14cxl: Allocate and release the SPA with the AFUDaniel Axtens
2015-08-14cxl: Drop commands if the PCI channel is not in normal stateDaniel Axtens
2015-08-14cxl: Convert MMIO read/write macros to inline functionsDaniel Axtens
2015-06-03cxl: Add AFU virtual PHB and kernel APIMichael Neuling
2015-06-03cxl: Export file ops for use by APIMichael Neuling
2015-06-03cxl: Move include file cxl.h -> cxl-base.hMichael Neuling
2015-06-03cxl: Split afu_register_irqs() functionMichael Neuling
2015-06-03cxl: Export some symbolsMichael Neuling
2015-06-03cxl: cxl_afu_reset() -> __cxl_afu_reset()Michael Neuling