path: root/drivers/misc/cxl/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-14cxl: Allow a default context to be associated with an external pci_devIan Munsie
2016-03-09cxl: Support to flash a new image on the adapter from a guestChristophe Lombard
2016-03-09cxl: Add guest-specific codeChristophe Lombard
2016-01-11cxl: use -Werror only with CONFIG_PPC_WERRORBrian Norris
2016-01-11cxl: fix build for GCC 4.6.xBrian Norris
2015-09-15cxl: Fix build failure due to -Wunused-variable behaviour changeIan Munsie
2015-08-11cxl: Compile with -WerrorDaniel Axtens
2015-06-03cxl: Add AFU virtual PHB and kernel APIMichael Neuling
2015-06-03cxl: Cleanup MakefileMichael Neuling
2015-01-22cxl: Add tracepointsIan Munsie
2014-10-08cxl: Add driver to Kbuild and MakefilesIan Munsie
2014-10-08cxl: Add base builtin supportIan Munsie