path: root/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-i801.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-30i2c: i801: Allow ACPI AML access I/O ports not reserved for SMBusMika Westerberg
2018-07-03i2c: i801: Add support for Intel Ice LakeMika Westerberg
2018-05-17Merge branch 'i2c/platform_data-immutable' into i2c/for-4.18Wolfram Sang
2018-05-17i2c: mux: gpio: move header to platform_dataWolfram Sang
2018-05-17i2c: i801: fix unused-function warningAnders Roxell
2018-04-30i2c: i801: Don't restore config registers on runtime PMJean Delvare
2018-04-11i2c: i801: Restore configuration at shutdownJean Delvare
2018-04-11i2c: i801: Save register SMBSLVCMD value only onceJean Delvare
2018-02-21i2c: i801: Add missing documentation entries for Braswell and Kaby LakeJarkko Nikula
2017-11-27i2c: i801: Fix Failed to allocate irq -2147483648 errorHans de Goede
2017-10-05i2c: i801: Add support for Intel Cedar ForkJarkko Nikula
2017-08-28i2c: i801: Restore the presence state of P2SB PCI device after reading BARQiuxu Zhuo
2017-06-19i2c: i801: Add support for Intel Cannon LakeSrinivas Pandruvada
2017-02-09i2c: i801: Add support for Intel Gemini LakeMika Westerberg
2016-11-24i2c: use an IRQ to report Host Notify events, not alertBenjamin Tissoires
2016-11-24i2c: i801: remove SMBNTFDDAT reads as they always seem to return 0Benjamin Tissoires
2016-11-24i2c: i801: use the BIT() macro for FEATURES_* alsoBenjamin Tissoires
2016-11-24i2c: i801: use BIT() macro for bits definitionBenjamin Tissoires
2016-11-24i2c: i801: minor formatting issuesBenjamin Tissoires
2016-11-24i2c: i801: store and restore the SLVCMD register at load and unloadBenjamin Tissoires
2016-10-25i2c: i801: Fix I2C Block Read on 8-Series/C220 and laterJean Delvare
2016-10-07Merge branch 'i2c/for-4.9' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/w...Linus Torvalds
2016-09-28i2c: i801: Do not create iTCO watchdog when WDAT table existsMika Westerberg
2016-09-24i2c: i801: Add support for Kaby Lake PCH-HAndy Shevchenko
2016-08-22i2c: don't print error when adding adapter failsWolfram Sang
2016-07-26i2c: i801: use IS_ENABLED() instead of checking for built-in or moduleJavier Martinez Canillas
2016-07-06i2c: i801: add support of Host NotifyBenjamin Tissoires
2016-07-01i2c: i801: recover from hardware PEC errorsEllen Wang
2016-06-13i2c: i801: Drop needless bit-wise ORJean Delvare
2016-06-09i2c: i801: Allow ACPI SystemIO OpRegion to conflict with PCI BARMika Westerberg
2016-04-12i2c: i801: Add runtime PM support with autosuspendJarkko Nikula
2016-04-12i2c: i801: Convert to struct dev_pm_ops for suspend/resumeJarkko Nikula
2016-03-22Merge branch 'i2c/for-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2016-03-12i2c: i801: sort IDs alphabeticallyAndy Shevchenko
2016-02-18i2c: i801: Adding Intel Lewisburg support for iTCOAlexandra Yates
2015-11-20i2c: i801: add Intel Lewisburg device IDsAlexandra Yates
2015-10-25i2c: add ACPI support for I2C mux portsDustin Byford
2015-10-23i2c: i801: Add support for Intel BroxtonJarkko Nikula
2015-10-23i2c: i801: Add support for Intel DNVMika Westerberg
2015-08-11i2c: i801: Create iTCO device on newer Intel PCHsMika Westerberg
2015-03-09i2c: i801: Use managed pcim_* PCI device initialization and reservationJarkko Nikula
2015-03-09i2c: i801: Remove pci_enable_device() call from i801_resume()Jarkko Nikula
2015-03-09i2c: i801: Use managed devm_* memory and irq allocationJarkko Nikula
2015-03-09i2c: i801: Remove i801_driver forward declarationJarkko Nikula
2015-03-09i2c: i801: Don't break user-visible stringsJarkko Nikula
2014-11-12i2c: i801: Add DeviceIDs for SunrisePoint LPDevin Ryles
2014-11-12i2c: i801: Drop useless debug messageJean Delvare
2014-11-12i2c: i801: Check if interrupts are disabledJean Delvare
2014-11-12i2c: i801: Fallback to polling if request_irq() failsJean Delvare
2014-11-12i2c: i801: Use wait_event_timeout to wait for interruptsJean Delvare