path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/meson
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-07drm/meson: Fix driver bind when only CVBS is availableNeil Armstrong
2017-04-06drm: convert drivers to use of_graph_get_remote_nodeRob Herring
2017-04-04drm/meson: Convert existing documentation to actual kerneldocNeil Armstrong
2017-04-04drm/meson: Add support for HDMI encoder and DW-HDMI bridge + PHYNeil Armstrong
2017-04-04drm/meson: Add support for HDMI venc modes and settingsNeil Armstrong
2017-04-04drm/meson: add support for HDMI clock supportNeil Armstrong
2017-04-04drm/meson: venc_cvbs: no more return -ENODEV if CVBS is not availableNeil Armstrong
2017-04-04drm/meson: Add support for componentsNeil Armstrong
2017-04-04drm/meson: Add missing HDMI registerNeil Armstrong
2017-04-04drm/meson: Use crtc_state for hdisplay and fix atomic flush/enable sync for v...Neil Armstrong
2017-03-14drm: Create DEFINE_DRM_GEM_CMA_FOPS and roll it out to driversDaniel Vetter
2017-02-09drm: meson: use vblank hooks in struct drm_crtc_funcsShawn Guo
2017-02-07drm: remove drm_vblank_no_hw_counter assignment from driver codeShawn Guo
2017-02-02drm: Rely on mode_config data for fb_helper initializationGabriel Krisman Bertazi
2017-02-02drm: meson: rename driver name to meson-drmNeil Armstrong
2017-02-02drm: meson: rename module name to meson-drmNeil Armstrong
2017-01-27Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torval...Dave Airlie
2017-01-04drm/meson: Fix CVBS VDAC disableNeil Armstrong
2017-01-04drm/meson: Fix CVBS initialization when HDMI is configured by bootloaderNeil Armstrong
2017-01-03drm/meson: Fix plane atomic check when no crtc for the planeNeil Armstrong
2016-12-15drm: Nuke fb->pixel_formatVille Syrjälä
2016-12-01drm: Add support for Amlogic Meson Graphic ControllerNeil Armstrong