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2019-12-05block: fix memleak of bio integrity dataJustin Tee
2019-12-05bfq-iosched: Ensure bio->bi_blkg is valid before using itHou Tao
2019-12-03block: set the zone size in blk_revalidate_disk_zones atomicallyChristoph Hellwig
2019-12-03block: don't handle bio based drivers in blk_revalidate_disk_zonesChristoph Hellwig
2019-12-03block: allocate the zone bitmaps lazilyChristoph Hellwig
2019-12-03block: replace seq_zones_bitmap with conv_zones_bitmapChristoph Hellwig
2019-12-03block: simplify blkdev_nr_zonesChristoph Hellwig
2019-12-03block: remove the empty line at the end of blk-zoned.cChristoph Hellwig
2019-12-01Merge tag 'compat-ioctl-5.5' of git://git.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Linus Torvalds
2019-11-25Merge tag 'for-5.5/disk-revalidate-20191122' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-blockLinus Torvalds
2019-11-25Merge tag 'for-5.5/zoned-20191122' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-blockLinus Torvalds
2019-11-25Merge tag 'for-5.5/block-20191121' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-blockLinus Torvalds
2019-11-21Revert "block: split bio if the only bvec's length is > SZ_4K"Jens Axboe
2019-11-21block: add iostat counters for flush requestsKonstantin Khlebnikov
2019-11-20block,bfq: Skip tracing hooks if possibleDmitry Monakhov
2019-11-18block: sed-opal: Introduce SUM_SET_LIST parameter and append it using 'add_to...Revanth Rajashekar
2019-11-18block: Don't disable interrupts in trigger_softirq()Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2019-11-14iocost: check active_list of all the ancestors in iocg_activate()Jiufei Xue
2019-11-14block: remove (__)blkdev_reread_part as an exported APIChristoph Hellwig
2019-11-14block: fix bdev_disk_changed for non-partitioned devicesChristoph Hellwig
2019-11-14block: move rescan_partitions to fs/block_dev.cChristoph Hellwig
2019-11-14block: merge invalidate_partitions into rescan_partitionsChristoph Hellwig
2019-11-14block: refactor rescan_partitionsChristoph Hellwig
2019-11-14block, bfq: deschedule empty bfq_queues not referred by any processPaolo Valente
2019-11-13blk-mq: Delete blk_mq_has_free_tags() and blk_mq_can_queue()John Garry
2019-11-12block: rework zone reportingChristoph Hellwig
2019-11-12block: Remove partition support for zoned block devicesDamien Le Moal
2019-11-12block: Simplify report zones executionDamien Le Moal
2019-11-12block: cleanup the !zoned case in blk_revalidate_disk_zonesChristoph Hellwig
2019-11-12block: Enhance blk_revalidate_disk_zones()Damien Le Moal
2019-11-12block: check bi_size overflow before mergeJunichi Nomura
2019-11-08block: split bio if the only bvec's length is > SZ_4KMing Lei
2019-11-08block: still try to split bio if the bvec crosses pagesMing Lei
2019-11-07blk-cgroup: separate out blkg_rwstat under CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP_RWSTATTejun Heo
2019-11-07blk-cgroup: reimplement basic IO stats using cgroup rstatTejun Heo
2019-11-07blk-cgroup: remove now unused blkg_print_stat_{bytes|ios}_recursive()Tejun Heo
2019-11-07blk-throtl: stop using blkg->stat_bytes and ->stat_iosTejun Heo
2019-11-07bfq-iosched: stop using blkg->stat_bytes and ->stat_iosTejun Heo
2019-11-07bfq-iosched: relocate bfqg_*rwstat*() helpersTejun Heo
2019-11-07Merge branch 'for-linus' into for-5.5/blockJens Axboe
2019-11-07block: add zone open, close and finish ioctl supportAjay Joshi
2019-11-07block: add zone open, close and finish operationsAjay Joshi
2019-11-07block: Simplify REQ_OP_ZONE_RESET_ALL handlingDamien Le Moal
2019-11-07block: Remove REQ_OP_ZONE_RESET pluggingDamien Le Moal
2019-11-06blkcg: make blkcg_print_stat() print stats only for online blkgsTejun Heo
2019-11-06block: Warn if elevator= parameter is usedJan Kara
2019-11-04block: avoid blk_bio_segment_split for small I/O operationsChristoph Hellwig
2019-11-04blk-mq: make sure that line break can be printedMing Lei
2019-11-04block: sed-opal: Introduce Opal Datastore UIDRevanth Rajashekar
2019-11-04block: sed-opal: Add support to read/write opal tables genericallyRevanth Rajashekar