path: root/arch/x86/hyperv/hv_init.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-06x86/hyper-v: Fix the circular dependency in IPI enlightenmentK. Y. Srinivasan
2018-05-19X86/Hyper-V: Consolidate the allocation of the hypercall input pageK. Y. Srinivasan
2018-05-19X86/Hyper-V: Enable IPI enlightenmentsK. Y. Srinivasan
2018-05-19X86/Hyper-V: Enlighten APIC accessK. Y. Srinivasan
2018-03-28x86/hyper-v: allocate and use Virtual Processor Assist PagesVitaly Kuznetsov
2018-03-28x86/hyper-v: move hyperv.h out of uapiVitaly Kuznetsov
2018-02-10Merge tag 'kvm-4.16-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvmLinus Torvalds
2018-01-30x86/irq: Count Hyper-V reenlightenment interruptsVitaly Kuznetsov
2018-01-30x86/hyperv: Redirect reenlightment notifications on CPU offliningVitaly Kuznetsov
2018-01-30x86/hyperv: Reenlightenment notifications supportVitaly Kuznetsov
2018-01-30x86/hyperv: Add a function to read both TSC and TSC page value simulateneouslyVitaly Kuznetsov
2018-01-30x86/hyperv: Check for required priviliges in hyperv_init()Vitaly Kuznetsov
2018-01-09Drivers: hv: vmbus: Remove x86-isms from arch independent driversMichael Kelley
2017-11-16Merge tag 'char-misc-4.15-rc1' of ssh://gitolite.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/ker...Linus Torvalds
2017-11-10x86/virt: Add enum for hypervisors to replace x86_hyperJuergen Gross
2017-10-31Drivers: hv: vmbus: Make panic reporting to be more usefulK. Y. Srinivasan
2017-10-10x86/hyperv: Clear vCPU banks between calls to avoid flushing unneeded vCPUsVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-08-10x86/hyper-v: Use hypercall for remote TLB flushVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-08-10hyper-v: Globalize vp_indexVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-08-10x86/hyper-v: Make hv_do_hypercall() inlineVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-05-04Merge tag 'char-misc-4.12-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/g...Linus Torvalds
2017-03-17hyperv: fix warning about missing prototypeStephen Hemminger
2017-03-11x86/vdso: Add VCLOCK_HVCLOCK vDSO clock read methodVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-03-11x86/hyperv: Move TSC reading method to asm/mshyperv.hVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-03-11x86/hyperv: Implement hv_get_tsc_page()Vitaly Kuznetsov
2017-03-01x86/hyperv: Hide unused labelArnd Bergmann
2017-02-10drivers: hv: Turn off write permission on the hypercall pageK. Y. Srinivasan
2017-02-10hv: export current Hyper-V clocksourceVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-01-31Drivers: hv: restore TSC page cleanup before kexecVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-01-31Drivers: hv: restore hypervcall page cleanup before kexecVitaly Kuznetsov
2017-01-20Drivers: hv: vmbus: Move the check for hypercall page setupK. Y. Srinivasan
2017-01-20Drivers: hv: vmbus: Move the crash notification functionK. Y. Srinivasan
2017-01-20Drivers: hv: vmbus: Consolidate all Hyper-V specific clocksource codeK. Y. Srinivasan
2017-01-19Drivers: hv: vmbus: Move Hypercall invocation code out of common codeK. Y. Srinivasan
2017-01-19Drivers: hv vmbus: Move Hypercall page setup out of common codeK. Y. Srinivasan