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@@ -202,25 +202,5 @@ config THINKPAD_ACPI_BAY
If you are not sure, say Y here.
- bool "Enable input layer support by default"
- depends on THINKPAD_ACPI
- default n
- ---help---
- This option enables thinkpad-acpi hot key handling over the input
- layer at driver load time. When it is unset, the driver does not
- enable hot key handling by default, and also starts up with a mostly
- empty keymap.
- This option should be enabled if you have a new enough HAL or other
- userspace support that properly handles the thinkpad-acpi event
- device. It auto-tunes the hot key support to those reported by the
- firmware and enables it automatically.
- If unsure, say N here to retain the old behaviour of ibm-acpi, and
- thinkpad-acpi up to kernel 2.6.21: userspace will have to enable and
- set up the thinkpad-acpi hot key handling using the sysfs interace
- after loading the driver.