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bpf: sockmap with sk redirect support
Recently we added a new map type called dev map used to forward XDP packets between ports (6093ec2dc313). This patches introduces a similar notion for sockets. A sockmap allows users to add participating sockets to a map. When sockets are added to the map enough context is stored with the map entry to use the entry with a new helper bpf_sk_redirect_map(map, key, flags) This helper (analogous to bpf_redirect_map in XDP) is given the map and an entry in the map. When called from a sockmap program, discussed below, the skb will be sent on the socket using skb_send_sock(). With the above we need a bpf program to call the helper from that will then implement the send logic. The initial site implemented in this series is the recv_sock hook. For this to work we implemented a map attach command to add attributes to a map. In sockmap we add two programs a parse program and a verdict program. The parse program uses strparser to build messages and pass them to the verdict program. The parse programs use the normal strparser semantics. The verdict program is of type SK_SKB. The verdict program returns a verdict SK_DROP, or SK_REDIRECT for now. Additional actions may be added later. When SK_REDIRECT is returned, expected when bpf program uses bpf_sk_redirect_map(), the sockmap logic will consult per cpu variables set by the helper routine and pull the sock entry out of the sock map. This pattern follows the existing redirect logic in cls and xdp programs. This gives the flow, recv_sock -> str_parser (parse_prog) -> verdict_prog -> skb_send_sock \ -> kfree_skb As an example use case a message based load balancer may use specific logic in the verdict program to select the sock to send on. Sample programs are provided in future patches that hopefully illustrate the user interfaces. Also selftests are in follow-on patches. Signed-off-by: John Fastabend <john.fastabend@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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