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authorPablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@netfilter.org>2013-10-14 00:06:06 +0200
committerPablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@netfilter.org>2013-10-14 18:00:04 +0200
commit0ca743a5599199152a31a7146b83213c786c2eb2 (patch)
treefd5cd87e1e1cf3f43d5868304c7c45f9bf11cef5 /net/netfilter/nf_tables_core.c
parent9370761c56b66aa5c65e069a7b010111a025018d (diff)
netfilter: nf_tables: add compatibility layer for x_tables
This patch adds the x_tables compatibility layer. This allows you to use existing x_tables matches and targets from nf_tables. This compatibility later allows us to use existing matches/targets for features that are still missing in nf_tables. We can progressively replace them with native nf_tables extensions. It also provides the userspace compatibility software that allows you to express the rule-set using the iptables syntax but using the nf_tables kernel components. In order to get this compatibility layer working, I've done the following things: * add NFNL_SUBSYS_NFT_COMPAT: this new nfnetlink subsystem is used to query the x_tables match/target revision, so we don't need to use the native x_table getsockopt interface. * emulate xt structures: this required extending the struct nft_pktinfo to include the fragment offset, which is already obtained from ip[6]_tables and that is used by some matches/targets. * add support for default policy to base chains, required to emulate x_tables. * add NFTA_CHAIN_USE attribute to obtain the number of references to chains, required by x_tables emulation. * add chain packet/byte counters using per-cpu. * support 32-64 bits compat. For historical reasons, this patch includes the following patches that were posted in the netfilter-devel mailing list. From Pablo Neira Ayuso: * nf_tables: add default policy to base chains * netfilter: nf_tables: add NFTA_CHAIN_USE attribute * nf_tables: nft_compat: private data of target and matches in contiguous area * nf_tables: validate hooks for compat match/target * nf_tables: nft_compat: release cached matches/targets * nf_tables: x_tables support as a compile time option * nf_tables: fix alias for xtables over nftables module * nf_tables: add packet and byte counters per chain * nf_tables: fix per-chain counter stats if no counters are passed * nf_tables: don't bump chain stats * nf_tables: add protocol and flags for xtables over nf_tables * nf_tables: add ip[6]t_entry emulation * nf_tables: move specific layer 3 compat code to nf_tables_ipv[4|6] * nf_tables: support 32bits-64bits x_tables compat * nf_tables: fix compilation if CONFIG_COMPAT is disabled From Patrick McHardy: * nf_tables: move policy to struct nft_base_chain * nf_tables: send notifications for base chain policy changes From Alexander Primak: * nf_tables: remove the duplicate NF_INET_LOCAL_OUT From Nicolas Dichtel: * nf_tables: fix compilation when nf-netlink is a module Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@netfilter.org>
Diffstat (limited to 'net/netfilter/nf_tables_core.c')
1 files changed, 27 insertions, 19 deletions
diff --git a/net/netfilter/nf_tables_core.c b/net/netfilter/nf_tables_core.c
index 9aede59ed2d7..e51a45c12128 100644
--- a/net/netfilter/nf_tables_core.c
+++ b/net/netfilter/nf_tables_core.c
@@ -60,27 +60,34 @@ static bool nft_payload_fast_eval(const struct nft_expr *expr,
return true;
-unsigned int nft_do_chain(const struct nf_hook_ops *ops,
- struct sk_buff *skb,
- const struct net_device *in,
- const struct net_device *out,
- int (*okfn)(struct sk_buff *))
+struct nft_jumpstack {
+ const struct nft_chain *chain;
+ const struct nft_rule *rule;
+static inline void
+nft_chain_stats(const struct nft_chain *this, const struct nft_pktinfo *pkt,
+ struct nft_jumpstack *jumpstack, unsigned int stackptr)
+ struct nft_stats __percpu *stats;
+ const struct nft_chain *chain = stackptr ? jumpstack[0].chain : this;
+ rcu_read_lock_bh();
+ stats = rcu_dereference(nft_base_chain(chain)->stats);
+ __this_cpu_inc(stats->pkts);
+ __this_cpu_add(stats->bytes, pkt->skb->len);
+ rcu_read_unlock_bh();
+unsigned int
+nft_do_chain_pktinfo(struct nft_pktinfo *pkt, const struct nf_hook_ops *ops)
const struct nft_chain *chain = ops->priv;
const struct nft_rule *rule;
const struct nft_expr *expr, *last;
struct nft_data data[NFT_REG_MAX + 1];
- const struct nft_pktinfo pkt = {
- .skb = skb,
- .in = in,
- .out = out,
- .hooknum = ops->hooknum,
- };
unsigned int stackptr = 0;
- struct {
- const struct nft_chain *chain;
- const struct nft_rule *rule;
- } jumpstack[NFT_JUMP_STACK_SIZE];
+ struct nft_jumpstack jumpstack[NFT_JUMP_STACK_SIZE];
rule = list_entry(&chain->rules, struct nft_rule, list);
@@ -91,8 +98,8 @@ next_rule:
if (expr->ops == &nft_cmp_fast_ops)
nft_cmp_fast_eval(expr, data);
else if (expr->ops != &nft_payload_fast_ops ||
- !nft_payload_fast_eval(expr, data, &pkt))
- expr->ops->eval(expr, data, &pkt);
+ !nft_payload_fast_eval(expr, data, pkt))
+ expr->ops->eval(expr, data, pkt);
if (data[NFT_REG_VERDICT].verdict != NFT_CONTINUE)
@@ -135,10 +142,11 @@ next_rule:
rule = jumpstack[stackptr].rule;
goto next_rule;
+ nft_chain_stats(chain, pkt, jumpstack, stackptr);
- return NF_ACCEPT;
+ return nft_base_chain(chain)->policy;
int __init nf_tables_core_module_init(void)