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Merge branches 'clk-ingenic-fixes', 'clk-max9485', 'clk-pxa-32k-pll', 'clk-aspeed' and 'clk-imx6sll-gpio' into clk-next
* clk-ingenic-fixes: : - Ingenic i2s bit update and allow UDC clk to gate clk: ingenic: Add missing flag for UDC clock clk: ingenic: Fix incorrect data for the i2s clock * clk-max9485: : - Maxim 9485 Programmable Clock Generator clk: Add driver for MAX9485 dts: clk: add devicetree bindings for MAX9485 * clk-pxa-32k-pll: : - Expose 32 kHz PLL on PXA SoCs clk: pxa: export 32kHz PLL * clk-aspeed: : - Fix name of aspeed SDC clk define to have only one 'CLK' clk: aspeed: Fix SDCLK name * clk-imx6sll-gpio: : - imx6sll GPIO clk gate support clk: imx6sll: add GPIO LPCGs