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Merge branches 'clk-mvebu-spdx', 'clk-meson', 'clk-imx7d-mu', 'clk-imx-init-array-cleanup' and 'clk-rockchip' into clk-next
* clk-mvebu-spdx: clk: mvebu: armada-37xx-periph: switch to SPDX license identifier * clk-meson: clk: meson: add gen_clk clk: meson: gxbb: remove HHI_GEN_CLK_CTNL duplicate definition clk: meson-axg: add clocks required by pcie driver clk: meson: remove unused clk-audio-divider driver clk: meson: stop rate propagation for audio clocks clk: meson: axg: add the audio clock controller driver clk: meson: add axg audio sclk divider driver clk: meson: add triple phase clock driver clk: meson: add clk-phase clock driver clk: meson: clean-up meson clock configuration clk: meson: remove obsolete register access clk: meson: expose GEN_CLK clkid clk: meson-axg: add pcie and mipi clock bindings dt-bindings: clock: add meson axg audio clock controller bindings clk: meson: audio-divider is one based clk: meson-gxbb: set fclk_div2 as CLK_IS_CRITICAL * clk-imx7d-mu: : - i.MX7D mailbox clk support clk: imx7d: add IMX7D_MU_ROOT_CLK * clk-imx-init-array-cleanup: : - i.MX clk init arrays removed in place of CLK_IS_CRITICAL clk: imx6sx: remove clks_init_on array clk: imx6sl: remove clks_init_on array clk: imx6q: remove clks_init_on array * clk-rockchip: clk: rockchip: Add pclk_rkpwm_pmu to PMU critical clocks in rk3399 clk: rockchip: fix clk_i2sout parent selection bits on rk3399 clk: rockchip: add clock controller for px30 clk: rockchip: add support for half divider dt-bindings: add bindings for px30 clock controller clk: rockchip: add dt-binding header for px30