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authorChris Metcalf <cmetcalf@tilera.com>2011-02-28 15:58:39 -0500
committerChris Metcalf <cmetcalf@tilera.com>2011-03-10 13:14:03 -0500
commit5fb682b0644cd20015d9b0e3ca6921ad5533f4ba (patch)
tree0a2520197ebf92b6a27e69241bd4f242d1b39be3 /arch/tile/kernel/intvec_32.S
parent00dce03134689a257120ae2aa18ba7d1a736bef7 (diff)
arch/tile: fix some comments and whitespace
This is a grab bag of changes with no actual change to generated code. This includes whitespace and comment typos, plus a couple of stale comments being removed. Signed-off-by: Chris Metcalf <cmetcalf@tilera.com>
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diff --git a/arch/tile/kernel/intvec_32.S b/arch/tile/kernel/intvec_32.S
index abf92f51af47..eabf1ef02cb2 100644
--- a/arch/tile/kernel/intvec_32.S
+++ b/arch/tile/kernel/intvec_32.S
@@ -1584,7 +1584,7 @@ ENTRY(sys_cmpxchg)
* about aliasing among multiple mappings of the same physical page,
* and we ignore the low 3 bits so we have one lock that covers
* both a cmpxchg64() and a cmpxchg() on either its low or high word.
- * NOTE: this code must match __atomic_hashed_lock() in lib/atomic.c.
+ * NOTE: this must match __atomic_hashed_lock() in lib/atomic_32.c.
@@ -1718,7 +1718,7 @@ ENTRY(sys_cmpxchg)
* Perform the actual cmpxchg or atomic_update.
- * Note that __futex_mark_unlocked() in uClibc relies on
+ * Note that the system <arch/atomic.h> header relies on
* atomic_update() to always perform an "mf", so don't make
* it optional or conditional without modifying that code.