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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-21triangle-rasterization: Fix typo in test argument.José Fonseca
2013-04-20cl: Add test of get_global_size(dim)Aaron Watry
2013-04-20cl: Fix char/short test namesAaron Watry
2013-04-19add a simple glinfo "test" programBrian Paul
2013-04-19arb_texture_multisample: add test to check sample positions v3Christoph Bumiller
2013-04-19ARB_ubo/maxuniformblocksize: unmap buffer before drawing with itChristoph Bumiller
2013-04-18arb_internalformat_query-minmax: initialise buffer_size_in_elementsDave Airlie
2013-04-17util: remove old comment about GLUT vs PIGLIT flagsMarek Olšák
2013-04-16framework: Fix "inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation" warnings.Jon Severinsson
2013-04-16Rework the PIGLIT_GL_VISUAL flags, fix RGB vs RGBA vs ALPHA confusionMarek Olšák
2013-04-13glsl-1.30: add test for default in switch not after all case statementsRoland Scheidegger
2013-04-12gtf: Parse either the old or new GLES conformance suite output.Eric Anholt
2013-04-12gtf: Update arguments for current GLES conformance from upstream.Eric Anholt
2013-04-10Test interaction of primitive restart and transform feedback.Paul Berry
2013-04-10new test: glsl-fs-uniform-array-loop-unroll.shader_testFrank Henigman
2013-04-09glsl-es-1.00: sanity.shader_test fragment needs default precisionTom Gall
2013-04-09Test that transform feedback works with non-flat integers.Paul Berry
2013-04-06draw-pixels: use default window size, for WindowsBrian Paul
2013-04-06draw-pixels: use better test valuesBrian Paul
2013-04-06draw-pixels: display results when there's a failureBrian Paul
2013-04-06draw-pixels: whitespace fixes, remove unneeded parenthesisBrian Paul
2013-04-06gl-1.0: use default window size to fix Windows runBrian Paul
2013-04-06arb_vertex_buffer_object: use default window size to fix Windows runBrian Paul
2013-04-06arb_framebuffer_object: use default window size to fix Windows runBrian Paul
2013-04-06arb_shader_objects: use default window size to fix Windows runBrian Paul
2013-04-06arb_sampler_objects: use default window size to fix Windows runBrian Paul
2013-04-06lodbias: increase window size to fix test on WindowsBrian Paul
2013-04-05arb_shader_texture_lod-texgradcube: Test explicit derivatives for cube mapsRoland Scheidegger
2013-04-02Fix all.tests breakage from adding AMD_performance_monitor tests.Kenneth Graunke
2013-04-02Fix build of shader_runner for GLES.Paul Berry
2013-04-02provoking-vertex: also test clockwise trianglesBrian Paul
2013-04-01amd_performance_monitor: s/__func__/__FUNCTION__/Vinson Lee
2013-04-01Add tests for the GL_AMD_performance_monitor extension.Kenneth Graunke
2013-03-29arb_texture_query_lod: Add execution shader_tests to all.tests.Matt Turner
2013-03-29arb_texture_query_lod: Test textureQueryLOD with linear filtering.Matt Turner
2013-03-29arb_texture_query_lod: Test textureQueryLOD with lod-biasing.Matt Turner
2013-03-29shader_runner: Add lod_bias option to texparameter.Matt Turner
2013-03-29arb_texture_query_lod: Test textureQueryLOD with no mipmapping.Matt Turner
2013-03-29arb_texture_query_lod: Test textureQueryLOD with nearest filtering.Matt Turner
2013-03-29shader_runner: Add 'draw rect tex'Matt Turner
2013-03-28arb_texture_multisample: add new negative-max-samples testChris Forbes
2013-03-28ext_framebuffer_multisample: skip negative-max-samplesChris Forbes
2013-03-26primgen: new test for PRIMITIVES_GENERATED queryMarek Olšák
2013-03-25util: move #define GLXBadProfileARB from .c file to .h fileBrian Paul
2013-03-24glsl-fs-main-return-conditional: Test for using return in mainRoland Scheidegger
2013-03-22shader_runner: remove explicit #version from outerProduct generated tests.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-03-22glsl-1.50: add complex VS+FS interface blocks execution testJordan Justen
2013-03-22glsl-1.50: add more negative tests for interface block linkingJordan Justen
2013-03-22texelFetch: require ALPHA in the visualDave Airlie
2013-03-20glsl-1.40: Add a simple test of math on uniform buffer loads.Eric Anholt