path: root/tests/spec/glsl-1.10/execution
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-16Rework the PIGLIT_GL_VISUAL flags, fix RGB vs RGBA vs ALPHA confusionMarek Olšák
2013-02-06shader_tests: Add [require] / GLSL >= to shader_test files missing these.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-01-21Add glsl-render-after-bad-attach to build and all.testsPaul Berry
2013-01-14glsl: remove explicit 100x100 window sizeBrian Paul
2013-01-09Test that loop unrolling properly infers loop bounds.Paul Berry
2012-12-17varying-packing-simple: Fix memory leak.Vinson Lee
2012-12-17Remove #version from variable indexing shader tests.Stuart Abercrombie
2012-12-16Add a simple test of varying packing.Paul Berry
2012-11-30util/gl: Kill shader wrapper functionsChad Versace
2012-10-09util: Add fields to piglit_gl_test_config for listing supported GL flavors (v2)Chad Versace
2012-10-09util: Convert GL tests to use PIGLIT_GL_CONFIG_BEGIN/ENDChad Versace
2012-10-09util,tests: Replace GLUT visual enums with PIGLTI_GL_VISUAL enums (v2)Chad Versace
2012-09-24glsl-fs-shadow2D-clamp-z: test clamping of Z in shadow2DMarek Olšák
2012-08-23glsl-1.10: Add tests for a bunch of i965 code generation bugs.Eric Anholt
2012-06-28cmake: Move piglitutil library to piglitutil_glBlaž Tomažič
2012-06-28util: Move piglit-util to piglit-util-gl-commonBlaž Tomažič
2012-06-20tests: Let each test define main()Chad Versace
2012-05-23Merge branch 'waffle-v10' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~chadversary/piglitChad Versace
2012-05-23cmake: Relocate all GLUT directives into single locationChad Versace
2012-05-23Reproduce a constant propagation bug in Mesa (indexing into vectors).Paul Berry
2012-05-22glsl-1.10: Add tests for this assertion failure in i965:Eric Anholt
2012-04-25glsl-1.10: Add a test for a regression introduced in the i965 driver.Eric Anholt
2012-04-24glsl-1.10: Add a test for a bad shader not breaking a linked program.Eric Anholt
2012-04-17shader_runner: Change texparameter syntax to include a space.Kenneth Graunke
2012-03-23cmake: Replace calls to add_{executable,library} with wrappersChad Versace
2012-03-03don't write generated header to the source directoryDylan Noblesmith
2011-11-08glsl-1.10: Don't set array members that are not usedIan Romanick
2011-10-28Test inlining of notEqual() triggering constant folding.Paul Berry
2011-10-26glsl-1.10/execution/maximums: Verify the limits in section 7.4.Eric Anholt
2011-10-06Add a variant of clip-plane-transformation to test ARB vertex programs.Paul Berry
2011-09-28Test that clip planes behave properly under coordinate transformation.Paul Berry
2011-09-08Add sampler1DShadow GLSL testsMarek Olšák
2011-09-08shader_runner: rename "texparameter" to "texparameter2D"Marek Olšák
2011-09-08glsl-fs-shadow2d*: move the tests into spec/glsl-1.10Marek Olšák
2011-08-19glsl-1.10 / glsl-1.20: Add non-constant index write testsIan Romanick
2011-08-19glsl-1.10 / glsl-1.20: Add non-constant index read testsIan Romanick
2011-07-18Test that shaders are not allowed to declare non-uniform samplers.Paul Berry