path: root/tests/spec/ext_transform_feedback/CMakeLists.gl.txt
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-09Test that transform feedback works with non-flat integers.Paul Berry
2013-03-26primgen: new test for PRIMITIVES_GENERATED queryMarek Olšák
2013-02-20Test transform feedback of varying structs.Paul Berry
2012-12-19Transform feedback: test buffer size change after binding.Paul Berry
2012-06-28cmake: Move piglitutil library to piglitutil_glBlaž Tomažič
2012-05-23cmake: Relocate all GLUT directives into single locationChad Versace
2012-03-26GL_EXT_transform_feedback/negative-prims: New test for error behavior.Eric Anholt
2012-03-23cmake: Replace calls to add_{executable,library} with wrappersChad Versace
2012-03-03don't write generated header to the source directoryDylan Noblesmith
2012-01-17EXT_transform_feedback/buffer-usage: New test for i965 segfault.Eric Anholt
2012-01-17Transform feedback: Test reading back buffer binding state.Paul Berry
2012-01-17Transform feedback: test edge cases in overflow checking.Paul Berry
2012-01-17Test transform feedback with max varyings.Paul Berry
2012-01-13Test interaction between transform feedback and mipmap generation.Paul Berry
2012-01-06Transform feedback: Test error conditions.Paul Berry
2012-01-04Test transform feedback of built-in varyings.Paul Berry
2011-12-29Test transform feedback with intervening glReadPixels.Paul Berry
2011-12-29Transform feedback: immediately reuse XFB output as vertex input.Paul Berry
2011-12-20Add a test of alignment of transform feedback outputs.Paul Berry
2011-12-20Add a test of tessellation of transform feedback primitives.Paul Berry
2011-11-08Transform feedback: test order of recorded vertices.Paul Berry
2011-11-02ext_transform_feedback-output-type: test various types of TFB outputsMarek Olšák
2011-10-05GL_EXT_transform_feedback/discard-*: New tests for GL_RASTERIZER_DISCARDEric Anholt
2011-08-24Add EXT_transform_feedback tests.Marek Olšák