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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-24Test interaction of dead code elimination with "break" statements.HEADmasterPaul Berry
2013-04-16Rework the PIGLIT_GL_VISUAL flags, fix RGB vs RGBA vs ALPHA confusionMarek Olšák
2013-04-10new test: glsl-fs-uniform-array-loop-unroll.shader_testFrank Henigman
2013-04-02Fix build of shader_runner for GLES.Paul Berry
2013-03-29shader_runner: Add lod_bias option to texparameter.Matt Turner
2013-03-29shader_runner: Add 'draw rect tex'Matt Turner
2013-03-24glsl-fs-main-return-conditional: Test for using return in mainRoland Scheidegger
2013-02-22shader_runner: add support for a link-error command for negative testsJordan Justen
2013-02-22shader_runner: delay error for program link / use to piglit_displayJordan Justen
2013-02-22shader_runner: use piglit_get_prim_name()Brian Paul
2013-02-19Accept array uniform names with or without [0] from glGetActiveUniformIan Romanick
2013-02-19sso-user-varying: Remove probes for undefined values.Eric Anholt
2013-02-15shader_runner: Add support for testing geometry shaders.Paul Berry
2013-02-15shader_runner: Remove unimplemented geometry_program vestiges.Paul Berry
2013-02-15shader_runner and glslparsertest: choose GL version more accurately.Paul Berry
2013-02-08shader_runner: Require GLSL version requirement.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-02-08shader_runner: Require [require] section in .shader_test files.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-02-06Revert "shader_runner: Require [require] and GLSL version requirement."Eric Anholt
2013-02-06shader_runner: Require [require] and GLSL version requirement.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-02-06shader_tests: Add [require] / GLSL >= to shader_test files missing these.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-02-06shader_tests: Fix mismatched GLSL versions in some shader_test files.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-01-30shader_runner.c: only read one [require] sectionTom Gall
2013-01-23glsl-fs-user-varying-ff: Don't probe an undefined value.Eric Anholt
2013-01-18glsl-fs-color-matrix: Check result of piglit_link_check_status.Vinson Lee
2013-01-18attribute0: Check result of piglit_link_check_status.Vinson Lee
2013-01-17glsl-mat-attribute: Use result of link status check.Vinson Lee
2013-01-16Accept array uniform names with or without [0] from glGetActiveUniformIan Romanick
2013-01-16shader_runner: Alter GL/GLSL ES version requirement syntax.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-01-14test/shaders: remove explicit 100x100 window sizesBrian Paul
2013-01-14shader_runner_gles2: Remove cast warningChad Versace
2013-01-14shader_runner_gles2: Remove unused variable warningsChad Versace
2013-01-09shader_runner: add gles2 supportTom Gall
2013-01-03Convert glsl-fs-mix-constant to a shader runner test.Kenneth Graunke
2013-01-03Convert glsl-fs-mix to a shader runner test.Kenneth Graunke
2012-12-16glsl-routing: Fix off-by-one error in for loop.Vinson Lee
2012-12-14shader_runner: Fix memory leak.Vinson Lee
2012-12-13shader_runner: s/version/component_version/Vinson Lee
2012-12-11shader_runner: fix MSVC buildBrian Paul
2012-12-11glsl-uniform-out-of-bounds-2: remove unused variable jBrian Paul
2012-12-11shader_runner: Build shader_runner_gles3Chad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Add GLES workarounds (v2)Chad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Remove extension suffixes when possibleChad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Remove unneeded MSVC workaroundsChad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Create an ES context if test requests oneChad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Parse ES versionsChad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Allow struct version to represent ES versionsChad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Add func version_string()Chad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Add new func version_compare()Chad Versace
2012-12-11shader_runner: Change version type from uint to structChad Versace
2012-12-07Add test glsl-uniform-out-of-bounds-2.cFrank Henigman