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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-24Add test for concurrent shader compiler use.Mathias Froehlich
2013-04-21triangle-rasterization: Fix typo in test argument.José Fonseca
2013-04-19add a simple glinfo "test" programBrian Paul
2013-04-19arb_texture_multisample: add test to check sample positions v3Christoph Bumiller
2013-04-16framework: Fix "inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation" warnings.Jon Severinsson
2013-04-10Test interaction of primitive restart and transform feedback.Paul Berry
2013-04-09Test that transform feedback works with non-flat integers.Paul Berry
2013-04-02Fix all.tests breakage from adding AMD_performance_monitor tests.Kenneth Graunke
2013-04-01Add tests for the GL_AMD_performance_monitor extension.Kenneth Graunke
2013-03-29arb_texture_query_lod: Add execution shader_tests to all.tests.Matt Turner
2013-03-28arb_texture_multisample: add new negative-max-samples testChris Forbes
2013-03-26primgen: new test for PRIMITIVES_GENERATED queryMarek Olšák
2013-03-20GL_ARB_fragment_program/sparse-samplers: Test for a bug in i965.Eric Anholt
2013-03-14depthstencil-render-miplevels: Add test for size 273.Paul Berry
2013-03-14Eliminate code duplication in all.tests for depthstencil-render-miplevelsPaul Berry
2013-03-08Enable etc2 tests on gl contexts that support GL_ARB_ES3_compatibility extensionAnuj Phogat
2013-03-08glx_arb_create_context: Add current-no-framebuffer testAdam Jackson
2013-03-03arb_texture_multisample: add new test for errorsChris Forbes
2013-03-03arb_texture_multisample: add new targets to texelFetchChris Forbes
2013-03-03arb_texture_multisample: add new sampler targets to textureSizeChris Forbes
2013-03-03arb_texture_multisample: new tests for sample maskChris Forbes
2013-03-03arb_texture_multisample: new test for teximage stateChris Forbes
2013-03-03arb_texture_multisample: new test for fb configsChris Forbes
2013-03-03arb_texture_multisample: new minmax testChris Forbes
2013-03-01glx: Add GLX 1.3 variants of glx-query-drawable to all.testsAdam Jackson
2013-02-26Add a variant of glsl-fs-pointcoord for gles2.Eric Anholt
2013-02-26fbo-blit: test BlitFramebuffer with GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLEMarek Olšák
2013-02-22polygon-mode-offset: test glPolygonMode + glPolygonOffsetBrian Paul
2013-02-22degenerate-prims: test that prims with too few vertices don't draw anythingBrian Paul
2013-02-22remove glean scissor testBrian Paul
2013-02-22scissor-polygon: a replacement for the glean scissor testBrian Paul
2013-02-20Test transform feedback of varying structs.Paul Berry
2013-02-20gles2: add fbo_discard_gles2 testcaseTapani Pälli
2013-02-15glsl-es-1.00: Move contents of glsl-1.00 to glsl-es-1.00Tom Gall
2013-02-15Basic geometry shader sanity tests.Paul Berry
2013-02-14arb_texture_buffer_range: add initial tests (dlist, errors, ranges)Christoph Bumiller
2013-02-13gles-2.0: Check illegality of attaching multiple shader objects of same typeChad Versace
2013-02-12getteximage-formats: test GetTexImage after rendering to texturesMarek Olšák
2013-02-11rm tests/glean/ttexrect.*Tom Gall
2013-02-11port ttexrect.cpp to piglit from gleanTom Gall
2013-02-06tests/all.tests: Add missing Group() initializationJosé Fonseca
2013-02-04Test varying structs in GLSL ES 3.00.Paul Berry
2013-01-25gl-1.0/beginend-coverage: New test.Eric Anholt
2013-01-25arb_texture_buffer_object: New test for sampling outside of the buffer.Eric Anholt
2013-01-22glean/maskedclear: remove (replaced by new piglit test)Brian Paul
2013-01-22glean/clipflat: remove (replaced by new piglit test)Brian Paul
2013-01-22clipflat: glean clipFlat test ported to piglitBrian Paul
2013-01-21Add glsl-render-after-bad-attach to build and all.testsPaul Berry
2013-01-18fbo-drawbuffers2-color: test masked clearMarek Olšák
2013-01-18fbo-drawbuffers: test masked clearMarek Olšák