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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-29util/gl: Include GLES3 headersChad Versace
2012-10-09util,glut_waffle: Remove unused sources from old GL test frameworkChad Versace
2012-10-09cmake,util: Switch GL tests to use new frameworkChad Versace
2012-10-09cmake: Prefix cmake options and feature macros with PIGLITChad Versace
2012-09-06glut_waffle: Improve error messagesChad Versace
2012-09-04glut_waffle: Add input support for X11 [v2]Chad Versace
2012-09-04glut_waffle: Refactor some code into common.[ch]Chad Versace
2012-09-04glut_waffle: Remove unused codeChad Versace
2012-08-23glut_waffle: Always choose a config with RGBAChad Versace
2012-08-23cmake,waffle: Bump requirement to waffle>=1.0Chad Versace
2012-07-15glut_waffle: Fix glutMainLoopChad Versace
2012-05-23glut_egl: Remove all references to glut_eglChad Versace
2012-05-23glut_egl: Remove glut_eglChad Versace
2012-05-23piglit: Include glut_waffle.h if USE_WAFFLE is enabledChad Versace
2012-05-23glut_waffle: Add libglut_waffle [v3]Chad Versace
2012-03-23piglit-dispatch: Switch to using piglit-dispatch instead of GLEW.Paul Berry
2012-03-23cmake: Replace calls to add_{executable,library} with wrappersChad Versace
2012-03-23Fixup APIENTRY macro on ApplePaul Berry
2012-01-10Add missing include pathsIan Romanick
2011-09-09piglit: add defines to gl_wrap.h to improve portabilityChia-I Wu
2011-09-09piglit: add GLES1 support to gl_wrap.hChia-I Wu
2011-03-14s/WIN32/_WIN32/José Fonseca
2011-03-13Portability build fixes for MinGW.José Fonseca
2011-02-26piglit: Add correct location of Mac OS X OpenGL header files.Vinson Lee
2011-02-26cmake: Do not add target glut_egl if OPENGL_egl_LIBRARY is not foundChad Versace
2011-02-25glut_egl: Impose uniformity on include guardsChad Versace
2011-02-25glut_egl: Replace relative #includes with absolute #includesChad Versace
2011-02-25glut_egl: Impose uniform naming scheme on functionsChad Versace
2011-02-25glut_egl: Build library glut_eglChad Versace
2011-02-25glut_egl: Move from tests/util/glut_egl to src/glut_eglChad Versace
2011-02-25piglit: Add header <piglit/glut_wrap.h>Chad Versace
2011-02-25piglit: Add header <piglit/gl_wrap.h>Chad Versace