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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-14piglit-summary-html: Skip result files in old format and emit warningChad Versace
2011-07-14piglit-summary-html: Remove dead option --fullChad Versace
2011-07-14framework: Replace custom serialization format with jsonChad Versace
2011-04-06core: generate a summary of fixesMarek Olšák
2011-04-06core: generate a summary of regressionsMarek Olšák
2011-04-06core: add new status trap, abort, and crash printed as black lines in summaryMarek Olšák
2009-08-23Python: Add spaces after commas.Vinson Lee
2009-08-21Python: Remove unused imports.Vinson Lee
2009-04-15Use os.path.join() for directory/file paths.Vinson Lee
2008-08-27piglit-summary-html.py: Add glxinfo/lspci output to HTML summariesNicolai Haehnle
2008-06-30piglit-summary-html.py: Some more features for automated summariesNicolai Haehnle
2008-06-12Generate abbreviated resultsNicolai Haehnle
2008-02-21Fix path generation for test result html.Eric Anholt
2008-02-21Use /usr/bin/env python instead of /usr/bin/python for portability.Eric Anholt
2007-04-03Refactor summary generationNicolai Haehnle
2007-04-03Nonsensical reference in licenseNicolai Haehnle
2007-03-26Add some cgi.escapesNicolai Haehnle
2007-03-25piglit: Fix calls to exit()Jeff Muizelaar
2007-03-25Fetch templates relative to piglit-summary-html.pyNicolai Haehnle
2007-03-24Initial commitNicolai Hähnle