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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-15cl: Fix Windows build.José Fonseca
2013-04-01[CL]: Fix mul24 test and add mad24/mul24 uint testsAaron Watry
2013-04-01CL Builtin: Remove an invalid mad24 testAaron Watry
2013-04-01CL Builtins: Fix sign-extension bug in rotateAaron Watry
2013-03-29glsl-4.00/ARB_texture_query_lod: Generate compiler tests for built-in functionsMatt Turner
2013-03-12Plug the built-in test generator to the CL test list [v2]Aaron Watry
2013-03-12Add a python generator for integer builtin function tests [v2]Aaron Watry
2013-02-27generated_tests: Fix geometry shader tests to use gl_VerticesInPaul Berry
2013-02-20ARB_shading_language_packing: fix exact testsPaul Berry
2013-02-15shader_runner: remove explicit #version directive from generated_tests.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-02-15Add geometry testing to code-generated tests.Paul Berry
2013-02-05gen_builtin_packing_tests.py: Remove stray tabMatt Turner
2013-02-05ARB_shading_language_packing: Allow some imprecision in unpackUnorm4x8Matt Turner
2013-02-01generated_tests: fix comment errors (int->float, ivec->vec)Brian Paul
2013-01-28ARB_shading_language_packing: Generate tests for builtin packing functionsMatt Turner
2013-01-23glsl-es-3.00: Generate tests for builtin packing functions (v3)Chad Versace
2013-01-15generated_tests: generate determinant tests for GLSL 1.50Dave Airlie
2012-08-31uniform-initializer tests: fix GLSL version of uint testsMarek Olšák
2012-06-13uniform-initializer: Don't rely on Python 2.7José Fonseca
2012-06-12Fix gen_uniform_initializer_tests.py for out-of-tree builds.Paul Berry
2012-06-12glsl-1.20 / glsl-1.30: Add tests for uniforms with initializers modified by G...Ian Romanick
2012-06-12glsl-1.20 / glsl-1.30: Add tests for uniforms with initializers in another stageIan Romanick
2012-06-12glsl-1.20 / glsl-1.30: Add tests for uniforms with initializers from a constantIan Romanick
2012-06-12glsl-1.20 / glsl-1.30: Add tests for uniforms with initializersIan Romanick
2012-05-31generated_tests: Add positional argument specifiers.Vinson Lee
2012-05-22builtin tests: Make glsl_version be a number instead of a string.Eric Anholt
2012-05-22generated tests: Fix the "#version 110" skipping I broke.Eric Anholt
2012-05-01generated_tests: Add testing for GLSL 1.40 inverse().Eric Anholt
2012-05-01generated_tests: Add support for GLSL 1.40 tests using VBOs.Eric Anholt
2012-03-20glsl-1.30: Add tests for mix(gentype, gentype, genbtype).Eric Anholt
2012-01-13glsl-1.10: Verify pre- and post-inc/dec cannot be l-valuesIan Romanick
2011-10-27Add tests of interpolation qualifier behavior.Paul Berry
2011-09-08generated_tests: work around bug in Windows numpy implementation.Paul Berry
2011-09-07Fix generated "op-mod" tests to actually test the modulus operator.Paul Berry
2011-09-07generated tests: add large uints division test for GLSL 1.3Christoph Bumiller
2011-08-18generated tests: Add tests for builtin functions introduced in GLSL 1.30Paul Berry
2011-08-18generated tests: Test operators that were introduced in GLSL 1.30Paul Berry
2011-08-18generated tests: Add uint and int tests for GLSL 1.30.Paul Berry
2011-08-18generated tests: Add builtin tests using if.Paul Berry
2011-08-18generated tests: Added tests for the 'notEqual' builtin.Paul Berry
2011-08-18generated tests: Expand the range of ints and ivecs used in testing.Paul Berry
2011-08-18generated tests: Make test generation happen in a deterministic order.Paul Berry
2011-08-15Add operator tests to auto-generated built-in function tests.Paul Berry
2011-08-11Add constant array size builtin tests.Paul Berry
2011-08-11Refactor cmake script to generate tests for later reuse.Paul Berry
2011-08-11Increase the range of values used to test atan(x) and atan(x,y)Paul Berry
2011-08-10Generated tests: unify code for testing exp2 across all numpy versions.Paul Berry
2011-08-10Fix autogeneration of builtin uniform tests on Windows.Paul Berry
2011-08-09Fix test generation on Arch Linux.Paul Berry
2011-08-05cmake: Fix build with CMake 2.6.Vinson Lee