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2011-07-29Refactor PlainExecTest, GleanTest, and GTFTest to share code.Kenneth Graunke
2011-07-29Remove @@@ from return code in Glean and GTF tests.Kenneth Graunke
2011-07-29piglit-run: Add option to enable/disable concurrent test runsChad Versace
2011-07-29framework: Repair result file if result file is incomplete or corruptChad Versace
2011-07-29core: Add method TestrunResult.__checkFileIsNotInOldFormatChad Versace
2011-07-29framework: Write each test result to the result file as the test completesChad Versace
2011-07-29framework: Add class JSONWriterChad Versace
2011-07-17Tweak gitignore.José Fonseca
2011-07-14framework: Raise informative error when parsing a result file in old formatChad Versace
2011-07-14framework: Replace custom serialization format with jsonChad Versace
2011-06-20glsl_parser_test: Make [end_config] synonymous with [end config]Chad Versace
2011-05-23framework: decode arrays when parsing test run resultsPaul Berry
2011-04-21core: Add Windows EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO exceptions to crashes.Vinson Lee
2011-04-21core: Use forward slash as separator for GLSL group names.Vinson Lee
2011-04-15core: Add POSIX SIGFPE arithmetic exceptions as crashes.Vinson Lee
2011-04-11core: Add Windows access violations as crash results.Vinson Lee
2011-04-06core: Include bus errors in crash category.Vinson Lee
2011-04-06core: generate a summary of fixesMarek Olšák
2011-04-06core: generate a summary of regressionsMarek Olšák
2011-04-06core: add new status trap, abort, and crash printed as black lines in summaryMarek Olšák
2011-04-06core: print the real command with arguments in the test reportMarek Olšák
2011-03-12all.tests: Blacklist some shader tests that cause memory explosionsChad Versace
2011-03-12framework: Support running Piglit with an out-of-tree buildChad Versace
2011-02-17Replace poolName in Test constructor with boolean option.U. Artie Eoff
2011-02-17Remove ThreadPoolsU. Artie Eoff
2011-02-17Move gpu tests to main thread and cpu-only tests to threadpool.U. Artie Eoff
2011-02-17Add ConcurrentTestPool singleton.U. Artie Eoff
2011-02-10glsl_parser_test: Add test instances to thread pool 'gpu-not-used'Chad Versace
2011-02-10Respond to KeyboardInterrupt exception.U. Artie Eoff
2011-02-10Add SyncFileWriter for write/close synchronization on results file.U. Artie Eoff
2011-02-10Modify the Test class in core.py to use ThreadPools.U. Artie Eoff
2011-02-10Add synchronization to Logger functions.U. Artie Eoff
2011-02-10Add threads.pyU. Artie Eoff
2011-02-10Add threadpool.pyU. Artie Eoff
2011-02-07Added a simple logging class. Updated Test::doRun to use the new log.U. Artie Eoff
2011-01-27Revert "glsl_parser_test: Add config opt 'override_extensions'"Chad Versace
2011-01-25glsl_parser_test: Add config opt 'override_extensions'Chad Versace
2011-01-25glsl_parser_test: Rename config opt 'extension' to 'require_extensions'Chad Versace
2011-01-25glsl_parser_test: Rewrite GLSLParserTestChad Versace
2011-01-20modified TestResults::write() for thread safetyU. Artie Eoff
2011-01-12glsl_parser_test.py: Document import_glsl_parser_tests()Chad Versace
2011-01-12glsl_parser_test.py: Fix minor typoChad Versace
2011-01-07glslparsertest: Allow tests to require GL extensionsIan Romanick
2011-01-07Use import_glsl_parser_tests instead of open coding itIan Romanick
2011-01-07framework: Add utility function to import a directory tree of GLSL parser testsIan Romanick
2010-12-01framework: Add class GLSLParserTestChad Versace
2010-10-07gleantest: Store the command as a member variable.Vinson Lee
2010-10-04Revert "gleantest: Store the command as a member variable."Vinson Lee
2010-10-04gleantest: Store the command as a member variable.Vinson Lee
2010-07-29Add -x|--exclude-tests= option to specify tests not to run.Carl Worth