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2013-04-21framework: Treat wglinfo, glxinfo and lspci output as text, not binary data.Jon Severinsson
2013-04-16framework: Catch "No such file or directory" by errno, not strerr.Jon Severinsson
2013-04-16framework: Don't use automatic tuple parameter unpacking.Jon Severinsson
2013-04-16framework: Port from string.find to str.find (required by python 3.x)Jon Severinsson
2013-04-16framework: Consistently use Python 2.2+ syntax for dictionary key checks.Jon Severinsson
2013-04-16framework: Consistently use Python 2.6+ syntax for exception objects.Jon Severinsson
2013-04-16framework: Fix "inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation" warnings.Jon Severinsson
2013-03-11framework: document return value of ExecTest::run()Brian Paul
2013-03-11framework: add a few more stderr strings to ignoreBrian Paul
2013-03-10Move re.compile for regex into CoreDylan Baker
2013-02-28framework: Fix issue with generating a report on a Windows system.Courtney Goeltzenleuchter
2013-02-08framework/shader_test: Permit unicode pathsKenney Phillis
2013-01-30shader_runner.py: Update regex to detect new require section syntaxTom Gall
2013-01-09shader_runner.py: fix gles2 supportTom Gall
2013-01-02piglt: Add support for subtests v2Tom Stellard
2013-01-03glean: Remove support for writing results databases.Kenneth Graunke
2012-12-12framework/shader_test: Assume the api is GL if no requirements are foundChad Versace
2012-12-11framework: Use shader_test.py to drive shader testsChad Versace
2012-12-11framework: New module shader_test.pyChad Versace
2012-11-28framework: unicode() wrap format stringDaniel Vetter
2012-11-28framework: add returncode parameter to ExecTest.interpretResultDaniel Vetter
2012-11-13framework: log output of wglinfo on Windows and CygwinBrian Paul
2012-10-19gbm: when using gbm, skip running glx testsJordan Justen
2012-10-19gbm: when using gbm, skip running glean testsJordan Justen
2012-10-19exectest.py: set python PIGLIT_PLATFORM from environment variableJordan Justen
2012-10-19exectest.py: add path to mark a test as always skippedJordan Justen
2012-10-19exectest.py: move test launch code out to get_command_result routineJordan Justen
2012-10-09framework: Report 'skip' if test executable not foundChad Versace
2012-10-10Generate a html summary of skipped testsMarek Olšák
2012-07-26framework: When a test catches a spurious window resize, re-run it.Eric Anholt
2012-07-16Changed test name generation so that regardless of OS path seperator, the tes...Kenney Phillis
2012-07-15framework: Set env var PIGLIT_SOURCE_DIR if unsetChad Versace
2012-05-10framework: Don't create Glean result dir if it's a variable.Kenneth Graunke
2012-04-25junit: Tweak the test hierarchy mapping.José Fonseca
2012-04-23framework: Remove 'abort' and 'trap' results in favor of 'crash'.Kenneth Graunke
2012-04-18framework: Remove GleanTest's duplicate 'results' subdirectory.Kenneth Graunke
2012-04-18framework: Split a TestProfile.prepare_test_list helper out of run().Kenneth Graunke
2012-03-12Make valgrind testing a command line option rather than extra tests.Kenneth Graunke
2012-03-02Add the ability to resume an interrupted test run where it left off.Kenneth Graunke
2012-03-02Move writing of JSON 'tests' dictionary section out of TestProfile.run.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-24framework: Fix lack-of-filtering of included tests.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-24framework: Fix filtering of excluded tests.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-17Make ExecTest's test name splitting more Unicode-proof.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-13framework: Remove checking for the pre-JSON piglit file format.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-13framework: Move list of ignored errors to core rather than *.tests.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-13framework: Remove Test.sleep and TestProfile.sleep.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-13framework: Move test filtering to TestProfile.run instead of Test.doRun.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-13framework: Remove the confusing Environment.run_concurrent flag.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-13framework: Begin converting TestProfile to a flat dictionary of tests.Kenneth Graunke
2012-02-03jenkins: Escape dots in test names.José Fonseca