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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-06cmake: Ensure we use static libraries on Windows.José Fonseca
2013-02-06cmake: Allow to generate a tarball/zip with the binaries, scripts, data.José Fonseca
2012-11-29cmake: Support CMakeLists.gles3.txtChad Versace
2012-11-16Fix discovery of OpenCL framework on MacOS.Aaron Watry
2012-10-22cmake: Add a PIGLIT_BUILD_GL_TESTS optionAdrian Marius Negreanu
2012-10-09cmake,util: Switch GL tests to use new frameworkChad Versace
2012-10-09cmake: Prefix cmake options and feature macros with PIGLITChad Versace
2012-09-05cmake: Build OpenCL utilities and frameworkBlaž Tomažič
2012-08-23cmake: Remove unused moudule FindWaffleChad Versace
2012-06-04make: Make util libraries shared in non-windows systemsPauli Nieminen
2012-05-23cmake: Use glut_waffle if USE_WAFFLE is enabledChad Versace
2012-05-23cmake: Add module FindWaffleChad Versace
2012-05-23cmake: Relocate all GLUT directives into single locationChad Versace
2012-05-23cmake: Clean up gles{1,2}/CMakeLists.txtChad Versace
2012-05-23cmake: Add options BUILD_GLES{1,2} tests [v2]Chad Versace
2012-03-23cmake: Make each *.o depend on generated piglit_dispatch headersChad Versace
2012-03-23cmake: Define wrapper functions piglit_add_{executable,library}Chad Versace
2012-03-23cmake: Move utility functions into piglit_util.cmakeChad Versace
2012-03-23piglit-dispatch: Code generation scripts.Paul Berry
2011-09-09cmake: add gles1 as a valid target APIChia-I Wu
2011-02-26cmake: Do not add GLES2 targets if OPENGL_gles2_LIBRARY is not foundChad Versace
2011-02-25glut_egl: Build library glut_eglChad Versace
2011-02-25cmake: Enable building GLES2 targetsChad Versace
2011-02-25cmake: Add function piglit_include_target_apiChad Versace
2011-02-25cmake: Prepare CMake for GL and GLES2 buildsChad Versace