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2013-03-18add Python Mako module to the list of prerequisitesBrian Paul
2013-03-10Bumps python required version to 2.7Dylan Baker
2012-12-31glean: Drop TIFF (and PNG and ZLIB) dependencies.José Fonseca
2012-11-05README: List waffle as a build requirementChad Versace
2012-09-05README: Include OpenCL informationBlaž Tomažič
2011-11-02README: Add build instructions for Windows.Vinson Lee
2011-08-11README: Add build instructions for Cygwin.Vinson Lee
2011-08-08README: Add build instructions for Mac OS X.Vinson Lee
2011-08-08README: Add build instructions for Ubuntu.Vinson Lee
2011-08-05Add comprehensive tests of builtin functions with uniform input.Paul Berry
2011-07-20README: Document how to cross-compile on LinuxChad Versace
2011-03-12framework: Support running Piglit with an out-of-tree buildChad Versace
2009-09-21Add quick.tests suiteNicolai Hähnle
2009-09-21Add readPixSanity to sanity.tests and document test suites moreNicolai Hähnle
2007-03-25texline: Write screenshot using libpngNicolai Haehnle
2007-03-24Initial commitNicolai Hähnle