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2013-02-06cmake: Allow to generate a tarball/zip with the binaries, scripts, data.José Fonseca
2012-12-31glean: Drop TIFF (and PNG and ZLIB) dependencies.José Fonseca
2012-12-11cmake: Request GLUT only when Waffle is not usedAdrian Marius Negreanu
2012-11-29cmake: Add option PIGLIT_BUILD_GLES3_TESTSChad Versace
2012-11-29cmake: Require waffle>=1.2.2 if using waffleChad Versace
2012-10-22cmake: Add a PIGLIT_BUILD_GL_TESTS optionAdrian Marius Negreanu
2012-10-19piglit framework: add gbm supportJordan Justen
2012-10-19waffle: require waffle >= 1.1Jordan Justen
2012-10-09cmake: On Linux, require Waffle by defaultChad Versace
2012-10-09util: Add new GL test frameworksChad Versace
2012-10-09cmake: Define cmake flags and feature macros for X11, GLX, EGLChad Versace
2012-10-09cmake: Prefix cmake options and feature macros with PIGLITChad Versace
2012-09-20cmake: Use C++ compiler to link C programs if using Solaris Studio.Vinson Lee
2012-09-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'blaz/opencl-request-v2'Eric Anholt
2012-09-05cmake: Build OpenCL utilities and frameworkBlaž Tomažič
2012-09-04glut_waffle: Add input support for X11 [v2]Chad Versace
2012-09-04cmake: If using Waffle, require version 1.0.1Chad Versace
2012-08-23cmake,waffle: Bump requirement to waffle>=1.0Chad Versace
2012-08-09Shut up gcc about c++11 issues.Eric Anholt
2012-06-20cmake: For MSVC, add "include/msvc/c99" to include path (v3)Chad Versace
2012-06-14cmake: Give an early error message when the required make.template module is ...José Fonseca
2012-05-23cmake: Emit fatal error if BUILD_GLES{1,2}_TESTS is enabled without USE_WAFFLEChad Versace
2012-05-23cmake: Add option USE_WAFFLEChad Versace
2012-05-23cmake: Add module FindWaffleChad Versace
2012-05-23cmake: Add options BUILD_GLES{1,2} tests [v2]Chad Versace
2012-04-29cmake: add an option for building GLX testsDylan Noblesmith
2012-04-25cmake: Define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN for the whole project.José Fonseca
2012-03-23cmake: Move utility functions into piglit_util.cmakeChad Versace
2012-03-23piglit-dispatch: Code generation scripts.Paul Berry
2012-03-09cmake: Avoid depending on MinGW runtime DLLs.José Fonseca
2012-03-03cmake: check for glproto headersDylan Noblesmith
2012-03-03cmake: workaround cmake bug when GLUT is not foundDylan Noblesmith
2012-03-03don't write generated header to the source directoryDylan Noblesmith
2012-01-20cmake: Warn when placing declarations after statements.José Fonseca
2011-12-02CMake: compile with debug info on by defaultnobled
2011-11-30cmake: Silence several pointless MSVC warnings.José Fonseca
2011-10-03Define _USE_MATH_DEFINES globally on MSVC.José Fonseca
2011-09-09cmake: add gles1 as a valid target APIChia-I Wu
2011-08-25cmake: Don't define min/max macros on Windows.José Fonseca
2011-08-19Add piglit_set_rlimit utility functionIan Romanick
2011-08-09Fix test generation on Arch Linux.Paul Berry
2011-08-05cmake: Fix build with CMake 2.6.Vinson Lee
2011-08-05Add comprehensive tests of builtin functions with uniform input.Paul Berry
2011-06-22Also use -Wall (or equivalent) when compiling the C++ sources.José Fonseca
2011-06-22Don't use -Wall on MSVC.José Fonseca
2011-05-13Make TIFF an optional dependency.José Fonseca
2011-04-06cmake: Remove duplicate find_library() call.José Fonseca
2011-03-13Portability build fixes for MinGW.José Fonseca
2011-03-07cmake: Put the binaries in the right place for MSVS too.José Fonseca
2011-03-07cmake: Allow GL/glext.h to be specified separately.José Fonseca