AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-21Fix up results reporting between the python side in glmark2test.pyglmark2Tom Gall
2012-11-21Add glmark tests/src/glmark to piglitTom Gall
2012-11-17all.tests: Remove glean/rgbTriStrip.Kenneth Graunke
2012-11-16glslparsertest: Use specified GLSL version to select API versionIan Romanick
2012-11-16shader_runner: Partially process the requirements section before creating the...Ian Romanick
2012-11-16shader_runner: Set a VAO in a GL 3.1 contextIan Romanick
2012-11-16shader_runner: Use integers for GL and GLSL versionsIan Romanick
2012-11-16shader_runner: Refactor version comparisonsIan Romanick
2012-11-16glx: Sanity check the various GLX extension strings that an app can queryIan Romanick
2012-11-16Fix discovery of OpenCL framework on MacOS.Aaron Watry
2012-11-16Fix MacOS build for OpenCL testsAaron Watry
2012-11-16Fix test macro-definitions.clAaron Watry
2012-11-16teximage-errors: remove config.window_width/height linesBrian Paul
2012-11-15Add a test for viewport triangle clipping.Stuart Abercrombie
2012-11-15GL_ARB_framebuffer_object/negative-readpixels-no-rb: Test for Mesa segfault.Eric Anholt
2012-11-15glsl-max-varyings: Add a variant that also tests >MAX_VARYING_COMPONENTS.Eric Anholt
2012-11-15glsl-max-varyings: Make this a concurrent test.Eric Anholt
2012-11-15gitignore: Ignore ninja artifactsChad Versace
2012-11-14util/gl: Set WAFFLE_CONTEXT_PROFILE for compatibility profilesChad Versace
2012-11-14textureSize: Add support for running with core GL.Eric Anholt
2012-11-14GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object: Add support for GL core to a few other tests.Eric Anholt
2012-11-14GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object/formats: Add real support for testing GL core.Eric Anholt
2012-11-14Revert "GL_ARB_ubo/negative-bindbuffer-buffer: New test for API error."Eric Anholt
2012-11-14clearbuffer-display-lists: Fix initial clear color test.Eric Anholt
2012-11-14gl-3.1: Add a new test for genned object name requirements.Eric Anholt
2012-11-14GTF: Ask GTF to use a minimal visual chosen by EGL.Eric Anholt
2012-11-14egl: Add test egl-create-context-verify-gl-flavor (v3)Chad Versace
2012-11-14util/egl: Change piglit_expect_egl_error to return a boolChad Versace
2012-11-14util: Remove unused wglew.hChad Versace
2012-11-14util: Kill macro glewInitChad Versace
2012-11-13Add test to verify GL errors in glGenerateMipmapAnuj Phogat
2012-11-13vbo-map-unsync: test unsynchronized buffer mappingBrian Paul
2012-11-13piglit-print-commands: add more info, fix incorrect examplesBrian Paul
2012-11-13framework: log output of wglinfo on Windows and CygwinBrian Paul
2012-11-13arb_sampler_objects: prefix all tests with "arb_sampler_objects-"Brian Paul
2012-11-12Skip testing textures with depth-stencil formats in glGenerateMipmapAnuj Phogat
2012-11-11glsl-arb-fragment-coord-conventions: fix window size regressionBrian Paul
2012-11-11glsl-orangebook-ch06-bump: fix regression after default window size changeBrian Paul
2012-11-11glsl-kwin-blur: fix regressions after default window size changeBrian Paul
2012-11-11push-pop-texture-state: a replacement for the fdo9833 testBrian Paul
2012-11-09arb_texture_cube_map_array: add shadow sampler for textureSizeDave Airlie
2012-11-09Revert "arb_texture_cube_map_array: textureSize only applies to samplerCubeAr...Dave Airlie
2012-11-09cubemap-shader: add a cubemap test that checks for lod related issuesDave Airlie
2012-11-06ext_texture_array: remove config.window_width/height linesBrian Paul
2012-11-06arb_sampler_objects: remove config.window_width/height linesBrian Paul
2012-11-06arb_texture_storage: remove config.window_width/height linesBrian Paul
2012-11-06ext_fog_coord: remove config.window_width/height linesBrian Paul
2012-11-06arb_texture_float: remove config.window_width/height linesBrian Paul
2012-11-06arb_map_buffer_range: remove config.window_width/height linesBrian Paul
2012-11-06arb_copy_buffer: remove config.window_width/height linesBrian Paul