AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-15Slight Android.mk improvements for generated files with some dependency track...androidRoss Oldfield
2013-04-23Initial simple shell script to convert frag and vert testsTom Gall
2013-04-23Add tests/spec/glsl-es-1.00/compiler/shaders and associatedTom Gall
2013-04-23Add tests/spec/glsl-es-1.00/compiler/glsl2 directoryTom Gall
2013-04-23In tests/specs/gles-2.0, add glsl-fs-pointcoord multiple-shader-objectsTom Gall
2013-04-23Update test data files with a rerun of variable-index-read.sh andTom Gall
2013-04-23Add maximums and variable-index test data files to packaging forTom Gall
2013-04-23update variable-index-read.sh and variable-index-write.sh toTom Gall
2013-04-23Move packaging of glsl2 and shader test files toTom Gall
2013-03-25Fix a bug where blank line was at EOF. This anoys git.Tom Gall
2013-03-25add variable index read and write tests. These are script generatedTom Gall
2013-03-25shader_runner: port/adapt variable-index read and write scriptsTom Gall
2013-03-25Android: glslparser - build for Android and package dataTom Gall
2013-03-25Android: Add Android.mk to build invalid-es3-queries & minmaxTom Gall
2013-03-25Android: add glsl es 1.00 sanity.shader_test to /dataTom Gall
2013-03-25Android: build shader_runner with Android.mkTom Gall
2013-03-25Android: Build libpiglitutil_gles2 in Android.mkTom Gall
2013-03-25Android: Add Adrian M Negreanu's initial android supportTom Gall
2013-03-25Android: add tests/Android.mkTom Gall
2013-03-25Android: add top level Android.mkTom Gall
2013-03-25glsl2 tests: remove #version tags.Tom Gall
2013-03-25android: add strchrnul to shader_runner.cTom Gall
2013-03-25android: file compile errors w shader_runner.cTom Gall
2013-03-24glsl-fs-main-return-conditional: Test for using return in mainRoland Scheidegger
2013-03-22shader_runner: remove explicit #version from outerProduct generated tests.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-03-22glsl-1.50: add complex VS+FS interface blocks execution testJordan Justen
2013-03-22glsl-1.50: add more negative tests for interface block linkingJordan Justen
2013-03-22texelFetch: require ALPHA in the visualDave Airlie
2013-03-20glsl-1.40: Add a simple test of math on uniform buffer loads.Eric Anholt
2013-03-20GL_ARB_fragment_program/sparse-samplers: Test for a bug in i965.Eric Anholt
2013-03-20Add tests/spec/glsl-es-1.00/execution/maximums shader testsTom Gall
2013-03-20glx_arb_create_context: Remove unused variables.Rico Schüller
2013-03-20glean/tfpexceptions: disable unused print_float() functionRico Schüller
2013-03-19glx-query-drawable: Remove unused window variable.Rico Schüller
2013-03-19Fix etc2 test for format=COMPRESSED_R11_EACAnuj Phogat
2013-03-19fbo-clear-formats: clean up error handlingBrian Paul
2013-03-19rg-teximage: remove large stack allocationsBrian Paul
2013-03-19texunits: clean-up GL error checking codeBrian Paul
2013-03-19texunits: increase size of arrays to fix crashBrian Paul
2013-03-18add Python Mako module to the list of prerequisitesBrian Paul
2013-03-14depthstencil-render-miplevels: Add test for size 273.Paul Berry
2013-03-14Eliminate code duplication in all.tests for depthstencil-render-miplevelsPaul Berry
2013-03-12Plug the built-in test generator to the CL test list [v2]Aaron Watry
2013-03-12Add a python generator for integer builtin function tests [v2]Aaron Watry
2013-03-11fbo-maxsize: use piglit_get_gl_enum_name()Brian Paul
2013-03-11fbo-maxsize: minor test improvementsBrian Paul
2013-03-11framework: document return value of ExecTest::run()Brian Paul
2013-03-11framework: add a few more stderr strings to ignoreBrian Paul
2013-03-10Move re.compile for regex into CoreDylan Baker
2013-03-10Replaces getopt with argparseDylan Baker