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Add comprehensive tests of builtin functions with uniform input.
This patch adds 462 tests to piglit, which comprehensively test the behavior of GLSL built-in functions on vertex and fragment shaders. The test vectors are auto-generated in Python, by using the numpy library to simulate the behavior of the built-in functions on a variety of inputs (in builtin_function.py), and then producing shader_runner tests to verify the expected behavior (in gen_builtin_uniform_tests.py). Test generation happens as part of the piglit build process. To run the test generation step by itself, use "make gen-tests" from the root of the piglit tree (after configuring using cmake). The generated tests may be found in generated_tests/spec. The auto-generation code depends on Python 2.6 and on the numpy library (www.numpy.org). I've updated the README to reflect these dependencies, and added code to CMakeLists.txt to check for them at configure time. (Note: other parts of Piglit already depend on Python 2.6, but the dependency wasn't previously explicit).
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First of all, you need to make sure that the following are installed:
- - Python 2.4 or greater
+ - Python 2.6 or greater
+ - numpy (http://www.numpy.org)
- cmake (http://www.cmake.org)
- GL, glu and glut libraries and development packages (i.e. headers)
- X11 libraries and development packages (i.e. headers)