BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
androidSlight Android.mk improvements for generated files with some dependency track...Ross Oldfield10 years
gles2v2 - restructured approach to be data driven, as well asTom Gall11 years
gles2-allMerge branch 'more-glsl-es-compiler' into gles2-allTom Gall10 years
glmark2Fix up results reporting between the python side in glmark2test.pyTom Gall11 years
glslgles2: glslparser tests ported to glsl es 1.00Tom Gall11 years
masterTest interaction of dead code elimination with "break" statements.Paul Berry10 years
opencl-armpiglit-framework-cl.c: When extensions is NULL, don't segvTom Gall10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-04-25Merge branch 'more-glsl-es-compiler' into gles2-allgles2-allTom Gall
2013-04-25gles3: Add outerProduct tests to generated_testsTom Gall
2013-04-24Add outerProduct existance test for glsl es 1.00Tom Gall
2013-04-22Within generated_tests add specs/glsl-es-1.00/executionTom Gall
2013-04-22Merge branch 'glsl-es-100-variable-index' into gles2-allTom Gall
2013-04-22gles2: add shader_runner to be builtTom Gall
2013-04-22shader_runner: port glsl 1.20 versions of tests to glsl es 1.00Tom Gall
2013-04-22shader_runner: add gles2 support and simple testcaseTom Gall
2013-04-22gles2: glslparser tests ported to glsl es 1.00Tom Gall
2013-04-22gles2: glslparser tests ported to glsl es 1.00Tom Gall