path: root/tools/perf/ui/setup.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-14perf ui/gtk: Implement basic GTK2 annotation browserNamhyung Kim
2012-12-09perf hists: Introduce perf_hpp__list for period related columnsJiri Olsa
2012-10-04perf tool: Add hpp interface to enable/disable hpp columnJiri Olsa
2012-09-08perf hists: Introduce perf_hpp for hist period printingNamhyung Kim
2012-08-17perf ui gtk: Add perf_gtk__show_helpline() for pr_*Namhyung Kim
2012-05-28perf ui: Make --stdio default when TUI is not supportedNamhyung Kim
2012-05-02perf ui: Change fallback policy of setup_browser()Namhyung Kim
2012-05-02perf ui: Add gtk2 support into setup_browser()Namhyung Kim
2012-05-02perf ui: Make setup_browser() genericNamhyung Kim
2012-04-11perf tools: Move UI bits to tools/perf/ui directoryNamhyung Kim