path: root/tools/lib/traceevent
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-04tools lib traceevent: Fix printk_cmp()Namhyung Kim
2012-07-04tools lib traceevent: Fix trace_printk for long integersWolfgang Mauerer
2012-07-04tools lib traceevent: Fix %pM print format arg handlingSteven Rostedt
2012-07-04tools lib traceevent: Add support to show migrate disable counterSteven Rostedt
2012-07-04tools lib traceevent: Add support for "%.*s" in bprintk eventsSteven Rostedt
2012-07-04tools lib traceevent: Let filtering numbers by string use function namesSteven Rostedt
2012-06-29tools lib traceevent: Replace malloc_or_die to plain malloc in alloc_event()Namhyung Kim
2012-06-29tools lib traceevent: Add support for __print_hex()Namhyung Kim
2012-06-29tools lib traceevent: Use local variable 'field'Namhyung Kim
2012-06-29tools lib traceevent: Check string is really printableNamhyung Kim
2012-06-29tools lib traceevent: Make dependency files regeneratableNamhyung Kim
2012-06-29tools lib traceevent: Teach [ce]tags about libtraceeevent error codesNamhyung Kim
2012-06-29tools lib traceevent: Fix clean target in MakefileKonstantin Stepanyuk
2012-05-26tools lib traceevent: Silence compiler warning on 32bit buildNamhyung Kim
2012-05-24tools lib traceevent: Fix signature of create_arg_item()Namhyung Kim
2012-05-24tools lib traceevent: Use proper function parameter typeNamhyung Kim
2012-05-24tools lib traceevent: Fix freeing arg on process_dynamic_array()Namhyung Kim
2012-05-24tools lib traceevent: Fix a possibly wrong memory dereferenceNamhyung Kim
2012-05-24tools lib traceevent: Fix a possible memory leakNamhyung Kim
2012-05-24tools lib traceevent: Allow expressions in __print_symbolic() fieldsStefan Hajnoczi
2012-04-25parse-events: Rename struct record to struct pevent_recordSteven Rostedt
2012-04-25parse-event: Fix memset pointer size bug in handleSteven Rostedt
2012-04-25parse-events: Allow '*' and '/' operations in TP_printkSteven Rostedt
2012-04-25parse-events: Support '+' opcode in print formatVaibhav Nagarnaik
2012-04-25parse-events: Let pevent_free() take a NULL pointerSteven Rostedt
2012-04-25parse-events: Handle opcode parsing errorVaibhav Nagarnaik
2012-04-25parse-events: Handle invalid opcode parsing gracefullyVaibhav Nagarnaik
2012-04-25perf/events: Correct size given to memsetJulia Lawall
2012-04-25perf/events: Add flag/symbol format_flagsTom Zanussi
2012-04-25perf/events: Add flag to produce nsec outputSteven Rostedt
2012-04-25events: Update tools/lib/traceevent to work with perfSteven Rostedt
2012-04-25tools/events: Add files to create libtraceevent.aSteven Rostedt