path: root/net/xfrm/xfrm_output.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-01xfrm: fix a unbalanced lockLi RongQing
2013-01-07xfrm: removes a superfluous check and add a statisticLi RongQing
2012-03-22xfrm: Remove unused xfrm_state from xfrm_state_check_spaceSteffen Klassert
2011-03-27dst: Clone child entry in skb_dst_popSteffen Klassert
2011-03-27xfrm: Force a dst refcount before entering the xfrm type handlersSteffen Klassert
2011-03-13xfrm: Move IPsec replay detection functions to a separate fileSteffen Klassert
2011-03-13xfrm: Use separate low and high order bits of the sequence numbers in xfrm_sk...Steffen Klassert
2010-09-16xfrm: dont assume rcu_read_lock in xfrm_output_one()Eric Dumazet
2010-06-04net: check for refcount if pop a stacked dst_entrySteffen Klassert
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2009-06-03net: skb->dst accessorsEric Dumazet
2008-11-25netns xfrm: per-netns MIBsAlexey Dobriyan
2008-11-25netns xfrm: per-netns NETLINK_XFRM socketAlexey Dobriyan
2008-09-30ipsec: Fix pskb_expand_head corruption in xfrm_state_check_spaceHerbert Xu
2008-08-13xfrm: remove unnecessary variable in xfrm_output_resume() 2nd tryJean-Christophe DUBOIS
2008-05-12net: Allow netdevices to specify needed head/tailroomJohannes Berg
2008-04-29Remove duplicated unlikely() in IS_ERR()Hirofumi Nakagawa
2008-03-24[IPSEC]: Fix inter address family IPsec tunnel handling.Kazunori MIYAZAWA
2008-02-12[IPSEC]: Fix bogus usage of u64 on input sequence numberHerbert Xu
2008-01-31[XFRM]: Fix statistics.Masahide NAKAMURA
2008-01-28[IPSEC]: Return EOVERFLOW when output sequence number overflowsHerbert Xu
2008-01-28[IPSEC]: Fix double free on skb on async outputHerbert Xu
2008-01-28[XFRM]: Fix outbound statistics.Masahide NAKAMURA
2008-01-28[XFRM]: Drop packets when replay counter would overflowPaul Moore
2008-01-28[XFRM]: RFC4303 compliant auditingPaul Moore
2008-01-28[XFRM]: Support to increment packet dropping statistics.Masahide NAKAMURA
2008-01-28[IPSEC]: Do xfrm_state_check_space before encapsulationHerbert Xu
2008-01-28[IPSEC]: Kill afinfo->nf_post_routingDavid S. Miller
2008-01-28[IPSEC]: Add async resume support on outputHerbert Xu
2008-01-28[IPSEC]: Merge most of the output pathHerbert Xu
2008-01-28[IPSEC]: Move x->outer_mode->output out of locked sectionHerbert Xu
2008-01-28[IPSEC]: Use dst->header_len when resizing on outputHerbert Xu
2007-10-17[IPSEC]: Rename mode to outer_mode and add inner_modeHerbert Xu
2007-10-17[IPSEC]: Add missing BEET checksHerbert Xu
2007-10-10[IPSEC]: Move state lock into x->type->outputHerbert Xu
2007-10-10[IPSEC]: Store IPv6 nh pointer in mac_header on outputHerbert Xu
2007-10-10[IPSEC]: Move RO-specific output code into xfrm6_mode_ro.cHerbert Xu
2007-10-10[IPSEC]: Unexport xfrm_replay_notifyHerbert Xu
2007-10-10[IPSEC]: Move output replay code into xfrm_outputHerbert Xu
2007-10-10[IPSEC]: Move xfrm_state_check into xfrm_output.cHerbert Xu
2007-10-10[IPSEC]: Move common output code to xfrm_outputHerbert Xu