path: root/fs/xfs/xfs_buf.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-18xfs: ensure we capture IO errors correctlyDave Chinner
2013-02-14xfs: remove log force from xfs_buf_trylock()Brian Foster
2013-01-26xfs: fix shutdown hang on invalid inode during createDave Chinner
2013-01-24xfs: fix _xfs_buf_find oops on blocks beyond the filesystem endDave Chinner
2012-12-17xfs: use b_maps[] for discontiguous buffersMark Tinguely
2012-11-15xfs: convert buffer verifiers to an ops structure.Dave Chinner
2012-11-15xfs: add buffer pre-write callbackDave Chinner
2012-11-15xfs: uncached buffer reads need to return an errorDave Chinner
2012-11-15xfs: make buffer read verication an IO completion functionDave Chinner
2012-11-13xfs: drop buffer io reference when a bad bio is builtDave Chinner
2012-08-29xfs: fix race while discarding buffers [V4]Carlos Maiolino
2012-07-13xfs: do not call xfs_bdstrat_cb in xfs_buf_iodone_callbacksChristoph Hellwig
2012-07-13xfs: prevent recursion in xfs_buf_iorequestChristoph Hellwig
2012-07-01xfs: add discontiguous buffer map interfaceDave Chinner
2012-07-01xfs: convert internal buffer functions to pass mapsDave Chinner
2012-07-01xfs: separate buffer indexing from block mapDave Chinner
2012-06-21xfs: Fix overallocation in xfs_buf_allocate_memory()Jan Kara
2012-05-14xfs: make XBF_MAPPED the default behaviourDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: Properly exclude IO type flags from buffer flagsDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: move xfsagino_t to xfs_types.hDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: kill XBF_DONTBLOCKDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: kill XBF_LOCKDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: kill xfs_buf_btocDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: use blocks for storing the desired IO sizeDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: use blocks for counting length of buffersDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: kill b_file_offsetDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: clean up buffer get/read call APIDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: use kmem_zone_zalloc for buffersDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: fix incorrect b_offset initialisationDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: check for buffer errors before waitingDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: fix buffer lookup race on allocation failureDave Chinner
2012-05-14xfs: on-stack delayed write buffer listsChristoph Hellwig
2012-03-05xfs: use per-filesystem I/O completion workqueuesChristoph Hellwig
2012-01-08Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jik...Linus Torvalds
2012-01-08Merge branch 'pm-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2011-12-16xfs: remove unused XBT_FORCE_SLEEP bitEric Sandeen
2011-12-06treewide: Fix comment and string typo 'bufer'Paul Bolle
2011-11-21freezer: unexport refrigerator() and update try_to_freeze() slightlyTejun Heo
2011-10-11xfs: do not flush data workqueues in xfs_flush_buftargChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: remove xfs_buf_target_nameChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: clean up xfs_ioerror_alertChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: clean up buffer allocationChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: remove buffers from the delwri list in xfs_buf_staleChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: remove XFS_BUF_STALE and XFS_BUF_SUPER_STALEChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: remove XFS_BUF_FINISH_IOWAITChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: remove xfs_get_buftarg_listChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: Don't allocate new buffers on every call to _xfs_buf_findDave Chinner
2011-10-11xfs: Fix the incorrect comment in the header of _xfs_buf_findChandra Seetharaman
2011-10-11xfs: use the "delwri" terminology consistentlyChristoph Hellwig
2011-10-11xfs: let xfs_bwrite callers handle the xfs_buf_relseChristoph Hellwig