path: root/fs/gfs2/ops_super.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-05-22GFS2: Merge mount.c and ops_super.c into super.cSteven Whitehouse
2009-05-19GFS2: Don't warn when delete inode fails on ro filesystemSteven Whitehouse
2009-05-19GFS2: Umount recovery race fixSteven Whitehouse
2009-05-13GFS2: Add commit= mount optionSteven Whitehouse
2009-03-24GFS2: Support generation of discard requestsSteven Whitehouse
2009-03-24GFS2: Merge lock_dlm module into GFS2Steven Whitehouse
2009-03-24GFS2: Fix remount argument parsingSteven Whitehouse
2009-01-09filesystem freeze: add error handling of write_super_lockfs/unlockfsTakashi Sato
2009-01-05GFS2: Fix use-after-free bug on umount (try #2)Steven Whitehouse
2009-01-05Revert "GFS2: Fix use-after-free bug on umount"Steven Whitehouse
2009-01-05GFS2: Fix use-after-free bug on umountSteven Whitehouse
2009-01-05GFS2: Move four functions from super.cSteven Whitehouse
2009-01-05GFS2: Kill two daemons with one patchSteven Whitehouse
2009-01-05GFS2: Banish struct gfs2_dinode_hostSteven Whitehouse
2009-01-05GFS2: Move di_eattr into "proper" inodeSteven Whitehouse
2009-01-05GFS2: Fix up jdata writepage/delete_inodeSteven Whitehouse
2009-01-05GFS2: Rationalise header filesSteven Whitehouse
2008-09-18GFS2: high time to take some time over atimeSteven Whitehouse
2008-08-13GFS2: Fix metafs mountsSteven Whitehouse
2008-06-27[GFS2] Remove remote lock dropping codeSteven Whitehouse
2008-06-27[GFS2] kernel panic mounting volumeBob Peterson
2008-05-12[GFS2] filesystem consistency error from do_stripBob Peterson
2008-03-31[GFS2] Remove lm.[ch] and distribute contentSteven Whitehouse
2008-01-25[GFS2] Remove unused field in struct gfs2_inodeSteven Whitehouse
2007-10-10[GFS2] Clean up journaled data writingSteven Whitehouse
2007-10-10[GFS2] Reduce number of gfs2_scand processes to oneSteven Whitehouse
2007-07-09[GFS2] Fix deallocation issuesAbhijith Das
2007-05-01[GFS2] Fix bz 224480 and cleanup glock demotion codeSteven Whitehouse
2007-02-12[PATCH] Mark struct super_operations constJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
2007-02-05[GFS2] Remove the "greedy" function from glock.[ch]Steven Whitehouse
2007-02-05[GFS2] Fix ordering of page disposal vs. glock_dqSteven Whitehouse
2007-02-05[GFS2] don't try to lockfs after shutdownDavid Teigland
2006-11-30[GFS2] Fix journal flush problemSteven Whitehouse
2006-11-30[GFS2] Shrink gfs2_inode (3) - di_modeSteven Whitehouse
2006-11-30[GFS2] split and annotate gfs2_statfs_changeAl Viro
2006-11-06[GFS2] Fix incorrect fs sync behaviour.Steven Whitehouse
2006-09-28[GFS2] inode_diet: Replace inode.u.generic_ip with inode.i_private (gfs)Theodore Ts'o
2006-09-25[GFS2/DLM] Fix trailing whitespaceSteven Whitehouse
2006-09-19[GFS2] Export lm_interface to kernel headersFabio Massimo Di Nitto
2006-09-09[GFS2] vfree should be kfree (II)Steven Whitehouse
2006-09-05[GFS2] Directory code style changesSteven Whitehouse
2006-09-04[GFS2] Some further style changesSteven Whitehouse
2006-09-01[GFS2] Update copyright, tidy up incore.hSteven Whitehouse
2006-08-25[GFS2] Allow mounting of gfs2 and gfs2meta at the same timeAbhijith Das
2006-08-18[GFS2] Fix leak of gfs2_bufdataSteven Whitehouse
2006-07-26[GFS2] Remove page.[ch]Steven Whitehouse
2006-07-03[GFS2] API change for gfs2_statfsSteven Whitehouse
2006-06-19[GFS2] Remove debugging printksSteven Whitehouse
2006-06-14[GFS2] Fix unlinked file handlingSteven Whitehouse
2006-05-18[GFS2] glock debugging and inode cache changesSteven Whitehouse