path: root/fs/ext4/balloc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-02ext4: convert number of blocks to clusters properlyLukas Czerner
2013-02-22ext4: fix free clusters calculation in bigalloc filesystemLukas Czerner
2013-01-12ext4: check bh in ext4_read_block_bitmap()Eryu Guan
2012-10-22ext4: Checksum the block bitmap properly with bigalloc enabledTao Ma
2012-08-17ext4: don't call ext4_error while block group is lockedTheodore Ts'o
2012-06-30ext4: pass a char * to ext4_count_free() instead of a buffer_head ptrTheodore Ts'o
2012-06-07ext4: fix the free blocks calculation for ext3 file systems w/ uninit_bgTheodore Ts'o
2012-06-01Merge tag 'ext4_for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/t...Linus Torvalds
2012-05-15userns: Convert ext4 to user kuid/kgid where appropriateEric W. Biederman
2012-04-29ext4: make block group checksums use metadata_csum algorithmDarrick J. Wong
2012-04-29ext4: calculate and verify block bitmap checksumDarrick J. Wong
2012-02-20ext4: fix balloc.c printk-format-warningHeiko Carstens
2012-02-20ext4: fix race when setting bitmap_uptodate flagTheodore Ts'o
2012-01-04ext4: make more symbols staticEric Sandeen
2011-11-21ext4: fix up a undefined error in ext4_free_blocks in debugging codeYongqiang Yang
2011-09-09ext4: rename ext4_has_free_blocks() to ext4_has_free_clusters()Theodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: rename ext4_claim_free_blocks() to ext4_claim_free_clusters()Theodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: rename ext4_free_blocks_after_init() to ext4_free_clusters_after_init()Theodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: rename ext4_count_free_blocks() to ext4_count_free_clusters()Theodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: Rename ext4_free_blks_{count,set}() to refer to clustersTheodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: Fix bigalloc quota accounting and i_blocks valueAditya Kali
2011-09-09ext4: convert s_{dirty,free}blocks_counter to s_{dirty,free}clusters_counterTheodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: convert block group-relative offsets to use clustersTheodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: bigalloc changes to block bitmap initialization functionsTheodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: split out ext4_free_blocks_after_init()Theodore Ts'o
2011-09-09ext4: factor out block group accounting into functionsTheodore Ts'o
2011-06-28ext4: refactor duplicated block placement codeEric Sandeen
2011-05-25ext4: add flag to ext4_has_free_blocksAllison Henderson
2011-05-09ext4: move ext4_add_groupblocks() to mballoc.cAmir Goldstein
2011-05-01ext4: remove dead code in ext4_has_free_blocks()Shaohua Li
2011-03-31Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2011-03-21ext4: add more tracepoints and use dev_t in the trace bufferJiaying Zhang
2011-01-10ext4: replace i_delalloc_reserved_flag with EXT4_STATE_DELALLOC_RESERVEDTheodore Ts'o
2010-10-27ext4: rename mark_bitmap_end() to ext4_mark_bitmap_end()Theodore Ts'o
2010-10-27ext4: make various ext4 functions be staticTheodore Ts'o
2010-06-11ext4: Clean up s_dirt handlingTheodore Ts'o
2010-05-16ext4: don't use quota reservation for speculative metadataEric Sandeen
2010-03-03ext4: consolidate in_range() definitionsAkinobu Mita
2010-03-03ext4: cleanup to use ext4_group_first_block_no()Akinobu Mita
2010-02-15ext4: move __func__ into a macro for ext4_warning, ext4_errorEric Sandeen
2009-11-22ext4: fold ext4_free_blocks() and ext4_mb_free_blocks()Theodore Ts'o
2009-11-23ext4: fix uninit block bitmap initialization when s_meta_first_bg is non-zeroTheodore Ts'o
2009-08-17ext4: open-code ext4_mb_update_group_infoEric Sandeen
2009-05-02ext4: Convert ext4_lock_group to use sb_bgl_lockAneesh Kumar K.V
2009-05-01ext4: Move fs/ext4/group.h into ext4.hTheodore Ts'o
2009-05-01ext4: Avoid races caused by on-line resizing and SMP memory reorderingTheodore Ts'o
2009-03-04ext4: Use atomic_t's in struct flex_groupsTheodore Ts'o
2009-02-06ext4: remove call to ext4_group_desc() in ext4_group_used_meta_blocks()Theodore Ts'o
2009-03-26ext4: Use lowercase names of quota functionsJan Kara
2009-02-26ext4: don't call jbd2_journal_force_commit_nested without journalEric Sandeen