path: root/drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl18xx
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-12wl12xx/wl18xx: scan all 5ghz channelsEliad Peller
2013-04-22Merge remote-tracking branch 'wireless-next/master' into mac80211-nextJohannes Berg
2013-04-16mac80211: support secondary channel offset in CSAJohannes Berg
2013-03-25wl18xx: print chip info during bootVictor Goldenshtein
2013-03-25wlcore: set max num of Rx BA sessions per chipIgal Chernobelsky
2013-02-15mac80211: stop toggling IEEE80211_HT_CAP_SUP_WIDTH_20_40Johannes Berg
2013-02-08wl18xx: add new phy configuration parameters for telec supportVictor Goldenshtein
2013-01-18Merge branch 'wl12xx-next' into for-linvilleLuciano Coelho
2012-12-11wl18xx: count HW block spare based correctly on keysArik Nemtsov
2012-12-11wlcore: support scan reports during periodic scanEyal Shapira
2012-12-11wl18xx: support MIMO only if HT mode is not forced to SISOArik Nemtsov
2012-12-11wl18xx: limit Tx for the AP single-STA-in-PSM caseArik Nemtsov
2012-12-11wlcore/wl18xx: change priority calculations for linksArik Nemtsov
2012-12-11wl18xx: fix a bug in wl->num_rx_desc initializationYair Shapira
2012-12-11wlcore: set 5Ghz probe-req template for DFS channelsArik Nemtsov
2012-12-11wlcore: increase scan dwell times if no activityEyal Shapira
2012-12-11wlcore: add ACX_PEER_CAP commandEliad Peller
2012-12-06wlcore/wl18xx/wl12xx: remove __dev* attributesBill Pemberton
2012-12-05wl18xx: set last Tx rate from FW statusArik Nemtsov
2012-12-05wlcore: improved Tx scheduling algorithmArik Nemtsov
2012-12-04wl18xx: declare support for greenfield ht_capEliad Peller
2012-12-04wlcore: remove WLCORE_QUIRK_NO_ELPEliad Peller
2012-12-04wl18xx: support 2nd set of mac/phy tx-power paramsYair Shapira
2012-12-04wl18xx: update default mac/phy parametersIdo Reis
2012-12-04wl18xx: ignore irrelevant firmware version fieldsLuciano Coelho
2012-12-04wlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: verify multi-role and single-role fw versionsLuciano Coelho
2012-12-04wlcore/wl18xx/wl12xx: add recovery settings to confYair Shapira
2012-12-04wlcore/wl18xx/wl12xx: separate channel count between chipsArik Nemtsov
2012-11-28wlcore: use new set bandwidth command to adjusting channel BWArik Nemtsov
2012-11-28wlcore: configure dwell times according to scan typeEliad Peller
2012-11-28wl18xx: make driver operational againEliad Peller
2012-11-28wlcore: add new reg-domain configuration commandVictor Goldenshtein
2012-11-27wlcore: update events enum/struct to new fw apiEliad Peller
2012-11-27wlcore: update channel_switch/stop_channel_switch commandsEliad Peller
2012-11-27wlcore: update acx enumEliad Peller
2012-11-27wl18xx: increase MAX_CHANNELS_5GHZEliad Peller
2012-11-27wlcore: split 18xx and 12xx scan mechanismEliad Peller
2012-11-27wl18xx: change fw name and temporarily fail loadingEliad Peller
2012-09-27wlcore: protect wlcore_op_set_key with mutexEliad Peller
2012-09-27wlcore: Refactor probeIdo Yariv
2012-09-27wl18xx: default to siso40 in 2.4ghz with a single antennaArik Nemtsov
2012-09-27wlcore: Fix unbalanced interrupts enablementIdo Yariv
2012-09-27wlcore/wl18xx: add phy_fw_version_str to debugfs driver_stateYair Shapira
2012-09-27wl18xx: number_of_assembled_ant5 indicates if A band is enabledYair Shapira
2012-09-27wlcore/wl18xx/wl12xx: allow up to 3 mac addressesArik Nemtsov
2012-09-27wlcore/wl18xx/wl12xx: aggregation buffer size setIgal Chernobelsky
2012-09-27wl18xx/wl12xx: defines for Tx/Rx descriptors numIgal Chernobelsky
2012-09-27wl18xx: increase rx_ba_win_size to 32Ido Reis
2012-09-27wlcore: Prevent interaction with HW after recovery is queuedIdo Yariv
2012-09-27wl18xx: update default phy configuration for pg2Ido Reis